smoking and dorms

i turned in the SIR to CAL</p>

<p>and as i am planning to live in dorms
i just turned in my housing app yesterday...
but then I had question about smoking and dorms</p>

<p>i smoke much less than half a pack.. and unless there are stress i can live without it too</p>

<p>and the housing app had a question about smoking and i had some questions...</p>

<p>if i said yes to smoking.. then are all the people in my floor smokers?
and are normally people in cal smoke cigarette smoke weed as well? (stupid question but really curious)</p>

<p>if you guys had smoker and had smoker roomates can you guys how the expereiences like?</p>

<p>I would really want to quit during summer but I really cant promise myself that once i get back i can still quit</p>

<p>thanks a have a good day</p>

<p>No, not all the people on your floor will be smokers. They don't group whole floors based on. Also I don't think you can make a connection between people who smoke cigarettes and weed. I know many people who smoke weed and think cigarettes are NASTY. The opposite can also hold true, but there might be a few people who do both.</p>

<p>I lived in the dorms at UCSC and knew a lot of people who smoked. Sometimes they want a smoking buddy, so you might have to resist going with your roommate all the time if he wanted to smoke. However, one of my friends quit smoking cigarettes completely after winter quarter and he still hasn't smoked them to this day (even though his roommate was a big smoker). Just don't turn to them when you get stressed/midterms week/finals week and you will be fine.</p>

<p>vaporizer would be much better than a bong. tape off the door, wet towel at the foot of the door, open window with a fan, incense</p>

<p>I don't smoke, but basically everything he said. Bong are completely fine though, just stand next to a window and use them. Febreeze is usually used more than incense, but sometimes it adds to the odor. Just watch out for stinking up the halls (how you usually get caught) and not to make the smoke alarm go off.</p>

<p>i stayed over at my friends dorm at ucsb and we smoked out of a vaporizer openly. it smelled like popcorn after.</p>

<p>hmm.. i really dont smoke using vaporizer or bong</p>

<p>and only smoke cigarette and i dont want to smoke in the room</p>

<p>so i guess its pretty common for smokers to smoke in the room?</p>

<p>It's not common for them to smoke cigarettes in the room (very rare).</p>

<p>I was wondering about the whole smoking thing (weed not cigarettes)
I can live without it but when I feel like hanging out on the weekends I might. Vaporizers are so expensive though.
In regards to UCLA though..not sure if they have stricter rules or the RA's are stricter or anything</p>

<p>OZIUM a smokers best friend, and what bagels said wet towel under the door, fan and a sploof cant hurt either ( toilet paper roll with fabric softener stuffed in it) --- exhale through that out the window</p>

I am in same situation with you and was wondering the same thing too</p>

thanks but i am just not that desperate enough that i need to smoke in the dorm room :0</p>

<p>word, anyone know good sesh spots at UCLA? If bud is to be legalized this November before I graduate I will have to smoke a blunt while sitting atop the bruin bear</p>

<p>i'm liking where this is going</p>

<p>Lol and DCSPORTSFAN I will be joining you if that's the case</p>

<p>i'd like some more information on the marijuana aspect of dorm-life too.</p>

<p>as well as for medical marijuana users.</p>

<p>oh i thought fram meant cigarettes not weed =_=</p>

<p>no cigarette smokers inputs? TT</p>

<p>Sorry samuelkim, I don't like cigarettes</p>

<p>yeah no one really cares bout cigs its all about the herb potential consequences and such, are the RA's cool will they rat you out how bout campus police do they look to get students in trouble or turn a blind eye</p>

<p>someone should definitely ask UCLA about medical marijuana cards/policies. I don't smoke much anymore but it would be worth the ~$100 per year not to get in trouble if one of my friends or roommate had it in my room and got caught up.</p>

<p>^^^ im just banking on the fact it will be legalized this november</p>

<p>thats a gnarly bankshot.. its non presidential elections so the turnout will be higher for old people and base voters(more to the right)... and anyways a problem is when you get caught up you can lose federal financial aid for years.. even if its legalized in CA they might still report you to the federal FA people... im gonna call on mon to see if they have a policy of not reporting med patients to the feds</p>