SMU Chance me

<p>Hey, I'm an international student and am going to be a Senior in High School next year. I am interested in attending the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University. Can someone chance me and perhaps also if I will be eligible for aid?</p>

<p>Ethnic Background: Indian
International School Location: China
Previous countries of residence: India and Brazil
Languages spoken: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, and learning Mandarin Chinese</p>

<p>Freshman Year (9th Grade) GPA: 3.33
Sophomore Year (10th Grade) GPA: 3.30</p>

<p>For Junior Year I decided to take the very rigorous and notorious IB Diploma program. Keep in mind that the final IB scores out of 7 for all my classes are only determined at around January 2012. My courses and predicted grades for Junior were as follows- </p>

<p>Higher Level:
Film - B (5-6 IB Score)
Biology - B+ (6 IB Score)
Economics - A+ (7 IB Score)</p>

<p>Standard Level:
English - B+ (5-6 IB Score)
Math - B+ (5-6 IB Score)
Spanish - A- (6 IB Score)</p>

<p>Mandatory Classes:
TOK and Extended Essay</p>

<p>I achieved Honor Roll for Junior Year. These grades may seem rather mediocre but the rigor of the IB diploma is extremely exhausting and these marks are far above the average. </p>

<p>SAT Score- 1900, however I am planning on taking it again this October for the last time.
No SAT II's or ACT taken. Are SAT II's REALLY that necessary?</p>

<p>Extracurriculars (this is where I excel):</p>

<p>Habitat For Humanity :-
-2 Habitat for Humanity trips, one to Bangladesh and the other to Thailand. Plan on taking another trip this coming academic year.
-Founder and President of Habitat for Humanity Club.
-Internship during Summer 2010 for Habitat for Humanity China and Internship starting again in 2 weeks for the same group. </p>

<p>Other activities :-
-Part of a DJing group in Shanghai and I DJ on occasion at events.
-2-years of Roots & Shoots.
-Founder and President of Film Club.
-Founder and President of Comedy Club (we do stand-up comedy).
-School Treasurer for student council the coming year.
-Internship during Summer 2009 for a Psychologist back when I was "sure" I wanted to major in Psychology.
-2-years of Junior Varsity Rugby
-1-year of Varsity Track & Field
-2-years of Model United Nations and 3 conferences so far.
-Active screenwriter and filmmaker. Made 3 films so far and have about 7 screenplays.
-Helped organize the Shanghai Student Film Festival (S2F2).</p>

<p>Thats all I can think of for now, I haven't started typing my final resume yet. Any tips for how to go about my senior year and currently what my chances are? Honest feedback is very appreciated. </p>

<p>Thank You,</p>

<p>openbook 94</p>

<p>oh can you also please chance for nyu cas? thanks in advance!</p>

<p>First off, put this thread on SMU's specific section on cc so ppl who actually got into/attend smu will look at this.</p>

<p>If your looking at california schools and ivies, SAT IIs are absolutely necessary. SMU doesn't require them but if they're high (think above 720) it would help. </p>

<p>I think you'll get into SMU but not necessarily cox as a freshmen through the BBA Scholars program. Also you should think about applying to meadows since you like to make/perform music and film. They'll give you a sizable scholarship if they like you. </p>

<p>idk much about nyu cas but I did apply to nyu stern and got in with a half scholarship. The thing about nyu is that they're really finicky about their admissions so you never really know unless you have high gpa and sat scores.</p>