SMU dorms

<p>I will be attending SMU in the fall of 2012, what are the best dorms in terms of social/Greek life and newness?</p>

<p>abubba12: I am a current student at SMU. There really isn't one residence hall that is the party one or the more social one. There are good groups and diverse groups of students in each one. The reputation of each one chnages every year as well depending on who had lived there the year before. In terms of "newness" most of our residence halls have been rennovated in the past few years. Here is a good website about our residence halls and what they have to offer: Residence</a> Halls at a Glance - Residence Life & Student Housing - SMU.</p>

<p>Boaz and McElvaney are, by reputation, the party dorms. But it doesn't really matter, because all freshman are on campus and there are lots of special dorms, too (honors, Hilltop Scholars, etc) and they are intermingle from dorm to dorm. McElvaney is really nice, has Mac's Place (burgers etc) and great facilities. Read all about it on the link above.</p>

<p>Can anyone tell me what the best suite style dorms are? like the ones with two small rooms and then a little study room in them. I have looked at the site countless times, I just was wondering if i could get a personal take on the best ones. Thanks!</p>

<p>My D is at McElvaney and is very happy. Boaz is a bit noisy from what I have heard her say. Sorry - no info on suite style dorms to help out there. Good luck all - SMU is wonderful.</p>

<p>Hello! I am a sophomore SMU student, and I'd just like to give my input on suite-style residence halls. Last year as a first year student I lived in Snider Hall, which is the suite-style portion of Virginia-Snider Hall. The bathrooms were very nice and were cleaned once a week, as opposed to the community style which are cleaned every day. But, this wasn't really a problem as I only shared my suite-style bathroom with three other girls. I really enjoyed living in Snider. Virginia-Snider is the Honors living community, so that is something to think about when choosing a residence hall, but there are plenty of other residence halls with suite-style options. I know that Morrison-McGinnis and Cockrell-McIntosh both have suite-style options and are very large rooms with large bathrooms. I have heard nothing but great things about these residence halls and I believe that if you are looking for suite-style rooms you will be pleased with the options SMU has. Good luck with your decision!</p>

<p>@SMUdent thank you very much! I will look into the dorms you've listed!</p>

<p>I'm having trouble deciding between Peyton and Shuttles. Pros/Cons? Would I still meet non-fine arts people if I stayed in Peyton?</p>