I found out today I was admitted to Cox at SMU and I am having a hard time choosing between SMU and UNC. While UNC I will major in statistics and analytics since I was denied as a transfer to the business school. I do love UNC and where it is, but I want what school will give me the best chance to get into business based on the program. Which would be the best option if I want to have a career in business(financial analyst/IB).

SMU or Emory if you can major in finance. Go where’s cheapest or whre you have a stronger liking (sounds like SMU since you mentioned it)…both have fine connections and both are in good IB cities.

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Yeah, since you can study Business at Emory and SMU, go to one of those.

Emory is stronger overall academically, but SMU’s strength is Business and their B school might be Goizueta’s equal (or close enough).

So choose based on fit and cost.

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Thank you. UNC is actually the cheapest option but can’t study business. However, the major I would be enrolled in has a few business classes. I’ll just have to figure out between SMU and UNC


I’m confused…the OP is asking abou SMU vs UNC and folks are advising about Emory.

If the choice is between SMU business which is what the poster wants, and UNC…and SMU is affordable…I’d go with SMU.

ETA…I see now. In a previous thread, the poster mentioned getting accepted at Emory.

Is Emory now out of consideration?


Yeah sorry for the confusion, Emory is out. I was sent my credit report and they are taking very little. It’s between UNC and SMU

Meaning your aid is not as much as you need?

Between SMU and UNC…I would say SMU has a well regarded business program as noted by above posters.

Meaning that I would have to be at Emory a lot longer because they are taking very few of my transfer credits. If I decided to go with UNC as a stats and analytics major, would I able to get a job in a business capacity?


You would be fine going to UNC. Does the analytics major have a finance concentration? Can you minor in Finance or Accounting? Look for internships in IB.

Plenty of threads on CC where UNC kids didn’t get into KF but still ended up on Wall Street.

What’s the cost delta between SMU and UNC?

SMU is also a fine choice. Do you like one more than the other?


I’ll have to apply to the business minor, and it is competitive, but I think I have a fair shot.

SMU tuition would be about $15,000 and UNC tuition would be $5000

I visited Chapel Hill and loved the campus. I have always wanted to go there since HS, but it’s a bummer that I can’t be a business major.

I’ve heard great things about SMU and know they have great job placement within the business school and Cox has a great reputation

You answered your own question. Go to UNC. Good luck.

My S20 turned down BBA scholar at SMU. Ended up at Georgia Tech as an ISyE. Plenty of internship and co-op offers. The Analytics track at UNC would be comparable.

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Thank you for the help!

I see two edits - and I imagine @Logan0793 edited the initial post rather than provide an update.

Yeah, sorry the confusion. I edited out Emory since it’s no longer an option

I have a friend who went to UNC and is making a fortune in Finance in NYC.