SMU vs Texas State as an undergraduate transfer student

I have visited both campuses and both are nice, but they seem completely different from one another. Is an SMU degree going to get me further in my career? How would you compare the student life at both these schools? Pros or cons? Send help. I have to decide ASAP

First, what’s your budget and can you afford both without private or parent loans?
What’s your major? (Each university’s area of strength is different).
Are you transferring from a community college or from another 4-year college, and if from a 4-year why are you transferring (to make sure your new college is least like that one!)

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At either school my tuition will be fully covered, but it seems unnecessary to pay that much for the same exact degree if it is not gonna do anything more than cost more and only help within Texas or surrounding Dallas areas. My major is Marketing. I’m transferring from a CC.

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For marketing, SMU has HUGE edge so if your tuition is covered then go with SMU.
Do look into a statistics minor since it’s become a must-have in marketing.
In terms of “vibe”, the vibe is different (private school with lots of rich kids v. State school with lots of public school kids on scholarship) but I would imagine you can get over it for better job prospects.


First what is your major, if it is CS, go look elsewhere. Only cox worth your damn time at this school.

The difference between SMU and TXST is night and day. SMU kids are much more well to do and sorority life is big on it’s campus. TXST kids on average are going to come from more working class families and campus is much more diverse. SMU is gonna have the better business school but really depends on what your looking for in a university. SMU would be more like a Range Rover while TXST would be more like a Nissan Frontier.