SMU vs U of A

I’m from California and I recently got accepted to SMU in Dallas, Texas and although I didn’t get into the Cox school, I’m nervous about the stereotypes surrounding Greek life, and I’ve never been, I could see myself going to school there even though I don’t know what my major is going to be now. On the other hand, I was accepted into U of A, as well as into the Eller school for prebusiness, and offered a spot in Eller ELITE. I’m also quite familiar with the school considering some family have attended the school. Clearly, U of A seems like a better choice due to the set out plan I have compared to SMU where I’m not sure what to even major in, but I still feel like I might regret not choosing SMU because of its location and the possible connections/internships compared to Arizona’s. Anyone have input that might help?

collegestrumped - what did you decide and how is it working out for you?

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Any updates that you are willing to share ?