SMU. Will I get accepted?

<p>I applied for admission to SMU for Fall 2012 and was notified that I had been deferred.I auditioned to be a dance major and I was accepted. I have been keeping in touch with my counselor all the time and she definitely knows I am interested in SMU. My ACT score is low, only a 23. I took it again but my score remained a 23 but managed to get higher subscores in some subjects. I take honors classes and am in my fourth year of spanish so my classes are some what challenging. My extra curricular activities consist of student ambassador (11,12) , SGA homeroom representative for 3 years, studio dance company member for the past 5 years (dancing everyday), yearbook student life editor (11,12), member of key club, green club, and pep club (Participating in one each year). I have been nominated for dance as a merit award winner in the national foundation or advancement in the GPA was a 3.7 last quarter. What are my chances of getting accepted after being deferred?</p>