<p>How often, if at all, does it snow?</p>

<p>Probably once or twice a winter. People from the north may laugh, but typically any accumulation is enough to delay classes at least.</p>

<p>But definitely at least once a winter?</p>

<p>This past winter was unusual -- more snow and cold days than in D's first 3 years. Her freshman year she wore flip flops almost every day. This year she was wearing boots! (OK, not heavy New England winter boots, but still ...) She couldn't believe how little snow (or even just the threat of snow) brought everything to a standstill.</p>

<p>Some pretty snow pics.</p>

<p>Wake</a> Forest University in Snow 12-18-09 pictures from christmas decorations photos on webshots</p>

<p>I wouldn't say definitely at least once a winter, but it's rare not to get at least a dusting. That said, anything with more than a couple of inches of accumulation is a "big snow" in North Carolina.</p>

<p>I heard more about the seemingly incessant rain and heavy mud that resulted (last fall). I received an emergency call for rubber rain boots from my daughter. She lived in Collins Hall and she advised that the water always ran down the hill and accumulated right out front!</p>