Snowmageddon: PART II

<p>Ok well it wasnt as bad as last time.</p>

<p>North Jersey reporting in:
about 3 inches on the ground yet again. Looks like its still going strong! Too bad I'm having winter break. Wouldv'e been ANOTHER snow day!</p>

<p>. . .</p>

<p>I should find my cell and take a picture of it in NYC.
It's not bad at all; but the fog or whatever the hell that is, is so thick, you can barely see past a few feet.</p>

<p>^ Same exact conditions on Long Island.</p>

<p>last week during snowmaggedon part I, i went to the city to go get some chicken and rice, passed by time square and it looked freakin awesome.</p>

<p>Central Jersey had some snow today, still some flurries right now, but not enough to close schools or delay :(</p>

<p>It's not too bad in New York...might be getting there tho. </p>

<p>I just finished shoveling part of my walk/driveway. -_- ..not the most exciting way to begin a day.</p>

<p>We had 3-4 inches even in Georgia! There's a facebook group going around called "I nominate Al Gore to shovel my driveway!"</p>

<p>Poor guy. People belive all the nonsense he spews, and ignore all the valid critizism, but when something like this happens, that doesn't prove anything, everybody goes crazy.</p>

<p>People really, really, really need to learn the difference between CLIMATE and WEATHER. What we experienced last week = weather. What we've experienced over 25 years = climate. Of course this snow storm doesn't "prove" anything.</p>

<p>^ Exactly.</p>