So... about that financial aid thing...

<p>lots of people say you can just call and ask for money. What exactly do I say? I feel like it would be rude for me to pick up the phone and say "Hi, could I please have some more money?" </p>

<p>...this is sort of a scatterbrained post but I think you understand my point. Any suggestions? Thanks!</p>

<p>I've just got my financial aid award from MHC today, and its not that great. I just sent them an email asking for my financial aid package to be re-adjusted, and just mentioned that their school is definitely my top choice.</p>

<p>Hmm sounds easy enough - who exactly should I email? Admissions, or some particular person in fin aid?</p>

<p>Call them! Hearing your voice is better than an email! And you will get a faster response!</p>

<p>In my experience with MHC financial aid, it's HIGHLY unlikely that your grant money will be increased just because you shot them an email asking for more.
If you have a valid reason for needing the additional funds however, you may get some increase. My daughter is now a senior at MHC, and 3 of her 4 years there we had special circumstances (job loss, high medical bills) that caused us to request reconsideration of her aid package. We had to provide detailed documentation of the reason for the request. Each time her grant money was increased but in every case we had a valid reason which they were previously unaware of when they calculated her initial aid package.
I agree with radannie- call them. Don't just "ask for money " though. Call and explain the reasons you need your package reconsidered. Good Luck!</p>