so after a long long debate about going to a private or community college

<p>i've decided to go to a community. I want to major in physics and am hoping to transfer to a private college after unless i get a good scholarship from the private ones. anyways i was wondering if it's possible to take online courses when going to the community college? could i just go to the school for science labs? er whatever. oh gosh, i dont know. i'm having such problems.</p>

<p>Check your transfer institution's policies on online courses, I know certain upper tier schools won't accept course credit which were achieved online.</p>

<p>alright, thank you</p>

<p>A lot of community colleges - through state and federal grants - offer nearly free educations to students in science/technology majors. I know a few people at my former CC whose tuition was paid entirely through a program in PA called STEM.</p>

<p>Both of those people have gone on to top 20 schools.</p>