so apparently my SATs have not been updated on check status

<p>well i checked my check status page and it still shows the SATs i personally recorded on my application before i took the SATs on 10/1/2007. I sent my scores to UNC via that thing you can fill out on collegeboard to send scores to like 4 colleges for free</p>

<p>i applied EA</p>

<p>is this normal for sent scores not to be seen on the check status page? i also submitted my application 8 days after i took the test.</p>

<p>bump bump bump</p>

<p>no, if you took the test that long ago the scores should have updated by now. Call the UNC office and check if they received the new scores.</p>

<p>Absolutely - scores should have been there.</p>

<p>They didn't receive my updated ACT scores either a month after I sent them. So I called about 3 wks ago and they said they never received them (even though they were sent electronically and every other school received them). ACT had to go back and forth with them before they were updated. Call UNC tomorrow for sure! Might be very late for EA though, I'm afraid. good luck!</p>

<p>thanks mates I'll get to that early in the morning then.</p>

<p>there was no problem after all just that I had different addresses since I've moved 3 times within the past5 months so I had different accounts. but they did get my scores so everything is set just waiting for the decision.</p>

<p>good luck mates.</p>