So based on all of your scholarly opinions... how much can i improve my score?

<p>So I got a 1710 overall and between math and reading (all that matters to me) I got a 1150.</p>

<p>I need a 1450 between those sections, which is a 300 point gain.</p>

<p>I studied a bit before I took the SAT, but not extensively. </p>

<p>Is there anyway, which devoted studying habits and a heck-of-a-lot of determination that I can get the point gain between the next two times I take the SAT?</p>

<p>How much have you guys improved in the past?</p>


<p>8th Grade, I got a 1280. On the PSAT this year I got a 203. First time taking SAT this march, I got a 2230 overall. (with 1470 M + V). So basically you can get it up !!! (on the PSAT i got a 64 on math and 70 on reading).
GOod luck!</p>

<p>I went from a 2040 (680CR, 710M, 650W) to a 2340 (760CR, 780M, 800W) in about 9 months, from sophomore year to junior year. So, I guess a 300 point improvement is plausible, possibly more.</p>