So can i get some advice?

<p>so i am a junior, i have a 3.2 GPA through sophmore year, luckily my GPA this year so far is a 3.8 and my guess that by the end of high school my GPA will be around a 3.5 give or take a few...</p>

<p>i havent taken the SAT yet but im going to put in what my sister got on the SAT/ACT</p>

<p>any feedback would be GREAT</p>

<p>GPA: 3.5
ACT: 28</p>

i volunteered at my library for 2 years, about 2 hours a week... you do the math
I do numerous activites in my church group, most are 2 hour events, but my biggest one is the drama show we do every year for our church mission in Peru... probably about 100 hours just from the show...</p>

4 year member of high school hockey team
2 year member of Future Business Leaders of America
4 Member of Saint Sebastian Youth Group</p>

Hockey Captain (JV)
Probable Alternate Hockey Captain Senior Year (V)
State Finalist in Accounting for FBLA
2008 National Hockey Champion (JV)</p>

<p>I am a very funny and well rounded kid, i have a good personality and i consider myself very likeable</p>

<p>I want to go to a Big Ten School like Ohio State or Penn State or to somewhere locally like University of Pittsburgh or Duquense University...</p>

<p>I would be very grateful for any advice or feedback :)</p>

<p>sorry i forgot to add my notable classes:</p>

Honors World Geography</p>

Algebra II
Honors World History</p>

AP US History
Honors Physics</p>

<p>Senior (planning on taking)
AP European
AP Economics
AP Government
AP Calc (probably Honors Calc, it depends)
AP Stats
Maybe AP Physics... not sure</p>

<p>and also, i forgot to say my high school was in the top 4% of high schools in america... and one of the best ap programs</p>

<p>u only have 3 classes o.o fresh soph and jr year o.o?</p>

<p>no those were the classes that would be a factor... i took spanish both years, 2 electives, wellness and others... i didnt think those classes were important so i just put my math,science and history classes</p>

<p>Your activities and awards would definitely help you....(hockey is awesome :P)</p>

<p>Thanks haha</p>

<p>i think you should be fine at those schools. I got an invitation to apply from ohio state and i live in canada....</p>

<p>thanks akwade... and canada is my fav country :) i hope they win gold in ice hockey for the winter olympics</p>

<p>Hahahahahaha, that's awesome that you put your sister's test scores in. If you do that well (or better), you should be fine for OSU, PSU, and Pitt. I don't know enough about Duqesne to answer on that one.</p>

<p>thanks, and the reason i picked my sister's scores was because we are similar haha... i.e gpa, classes... and i took a practice test and got a little lower then those scores but i didnt practice or study so i should do as good if not better :)</p>

<p>thanks and btw is your username after the san jose sharks goalie?</p>

<p>bump... ill chance back!</p>

<p>If you get your GPA to 3.5, you'll get merit aid from most of those schools. </p>

<p>I know where Saint Sebastian is. What HS do you go to? Do you live in Pittsburgh? I do.</p>

<p>yeah, if you do well senior year, you're fine.
good luck!
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<p>i go to Hampton High School, very small but competitive</p>

<p>I know where that is.</p>

<p>thats cool. where do you go to school?</p>

<p>Allderdice in the city.</p>

<p>oh i have heard of it... is it a good school? where do you wanna go?</p>