So college

<p>So I was talking to my friend...</p>

<p>We were talking about Cornell. He said, "oh, its so far away from anything. And because its in such a small town the only thing that people do is drinking and drugs <em>gives face of disgust</em>"</p>

<p>So how would you respond to him?</p>

<p>I'd agree.</p>

<p>There is typically some truth associated with stereotypes.</p>

<p>and crazy water-related suicides...cornell</p>

<p>I like to start threads with the word so</p>

<p>"so" is how I walk away from awkward moments</p>

<p>"soo...I have to go tie my shoe...over there"</p>

<p>that's not EVERYTHING ppl do in the...middle of nowhere.
ex)skiing, small, cute coffee shops, party, PARTY etc (granted partying is usually drinking..)</p>

<p>Thinking Top Five List for some reason:</p>

<li> Hmmm...What do you suggest I do?<br></li>
<li> Guess I should just kill myself and call it a day.</li>
<li> How 'bout ya join me to partayyyy (sports a swagger dance, flashes rocker fingers sign)</li>
<li> Did I forget to tell you that I just joined Cornell's LGBT freebasing society? </li>
<li> (After face of disgust) Look, you're right. I should drop my Ivy and enroll in your world reknown cc cafeteriology program.</li>