SO CONFUSED WITH MAJORS! double.. triple major? conjoint degree? HELP!

<p>Prepare for a long read.. </p>

<p>So I'm about to enter my second year of college/university. And I Have no clue as to what majors I should specialize in anymore. I'm currently doing a Bachelor of Commerce degree, initially decided to major in Accounting/Finance but soon realised how unmotivated I was while taking Accounting courses. Although I did take accounting in Highschool, it kind of struck me in the past year that it was possible I was going to be doing this for the rest of my life, and there is no question I would regret it. I do know however if I did an Accounting major I would have the best chance of a landing a job after graduation, with a decent salary.</p>

<p>Finance on the other hand I am not quite sure what to expect as there were no finance core courses in my first year, but I hear it is quite heavily math based which worries me (I failed a few calculus papers in highschool). However it does seem like a useful major for employ-ability.</p>

<p>I also recently planned to apply for a conjoint degree bachelor of commerce/bachelor of arts as my GPA was sufficient, and planned that if they did accept me I would major in Japanese as well. I am very interested in Japanese culture and hope one day I can go on an exchange program or work there after I graduate. This lead me into thinking I should take an International Business major on my commerce side to complement my Japanese major. I soon realised International Business is seen as quite a broad subject and does not teach you specific skills, which would be useless in the job market. Nonetheless, International Business sounds like a very interesting course and especially since countries are trading with one another more maybe it could prove to be quite useful especially by the time I graduate. Although I did realise a double major in International Business and Japanese would be a very weak combination towards getting a job. </p>

<p>I then learnt that my university allowed students to take triple majors, which interested me. I was thinking I triple major in International Business, Japanese (my interests) and either Accounting OR Finance for job competency. This sounded awesome to me, I was free to pursue my interests while also taking a 'useful' major which could land me a job. But now after reading quite a few threads on college confidential, many people say a triple major is a waste of time especially with courses overlapping, huge work load etc.. I really don't know what to think anymore.</p>

<p>IN SUMMARY:</p>

<p>-Originally planned to major in accounting+finance, soon realised how boring accounting was, don't know what to expect from finance yet
-Applied for conjoint degree, thinking of majoring in International Business + Japanese which are my interests, realised it probably wasn't the best option for job competency
-Considering a triple major in International Business + Japanese + EITHER accounting OR finance to pursue interests while securing a job after graduation. After some research found out triple majoring was extremely time consuming and kind of useless. </p>

<p>I REALLY need advice on what to do here.... Sorry for the long read!</p>

<p>I don't have much advice but here's something:</p>

<p>Take a look at the course catalog for your school and look at the requirements and options for each major so you actually know what the curriculum looks like. A lot of times, these degrees are flexible; you may find that a degree in finance will allow you to take some business courses.</p>

<p>A triple major is usually a bad idea. The course requirements would be crazy. Don't forget to consider minors (Japanese might make a good minor), and don't forget that you can take courses that interest you even if it has nothing to do with your major/minor. Being interested in something doesn't mean you need a degree in it!</p>

<p>Oh, my other piece of advice is don't major in accounting. College is about finding what you actually want to do. You tried accounting and don't like it. There's no reason to continue pursuing it.</p>

<p>That's true... I don't even like accounting but I've been brainwashed into thinking every major other than Accounting is useless for acquiring a good job in the business field :(</p>

<p>Finance is good, econ is good, business admin or management is good, blahblah. </p>

<p>What exactly do you want to do in "business"? There are tons of degrees that can go into business, depending on what type of business and what type of job. The most important thing for getting a really good business job is probably knowing the right people... as long as you know the basics, anything else can be learned, and you won't use most of what you learned in college anyway.</p>

<p>Also ask your question on the Business Major subforum, members there might have some input on the differences between these majors.</p>

<p>Many business people are actually engineering majors.
To be successful in business, it is best to have a strong math background.
Pancaked also has a lot of good suggestions.
If you don't like a major, DON'T DO IT! You'll be wasting your time for something you don't care about :(
Good luck!</p>