So Cornell's Engineering Dept Called my Counselor

<p>^^Read above. They asked him to send them my current Physics and Calc grades. We work on a semester basis, so they know grades haven't been finalized yet. Has this happened to anyone else? What does this mean? Please don't tell me to calm down and wait...</p>

<p>i think it generally means you are on the see-saw between being accepted or deferred, and they want more 'stuff' to re-evaluate you with- but that's just what i have read. this shouldn't make you the least bit anxious or nervous- they most likely think you are a good potential candidate for their school and just want to solidify what they feel.</p>

<p>again, i'm no adcom or expert, this is just off of what i've read.</p>

<p>Well I guess if you have abnormally low grades in Calc and Physics you might want to worry, but it means they are at least interested in you. They wouldn't take the time to call and request current grades if you were being rejected or deferred, and its better to be on the border than straight up one of those.</p>

<p>What's your overall GPA like? and did your GC tell you this?</p>

<p>yeah, I'm just wondering, why would they need more grades from you, have you messed up in the past, or are they getting a little crazy in Ithaca!?</p>

<p>BlueDevilBBall was correct-- you were most likely borderline and they wanted something that might potentially push you over the edge into acceptance if your grades are good. :) At least you know you haven't been rejected!</p>

<p>I currently have A's in my Phys/Calc classes. My unweighted GPA is 3.8 (I don't know my weighted). My guess is that science has been my weakest subject throughout my academic history. Err... I posted a bit more info in the Engineering Majors forum:</p>

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<p>Also, this proves that we're definitely not getting our decisions tomorrow ... what a bummer.</p>

<p>SchoolDuh, I'd be very happy if I were you then...if they were looking for just a little extra oomph to get you in and decided to call for your first-quarter grades and you had A's in both classes, then that would probably be a pretty good sign!</p>

<p>I have more and more of a feeling I'm going to get GPA was quite poor 9th and 10th grade (a C each year), but I had straight A's last year in 4 APs, so I'm sstarting to think they want my midyear report before making the call.</p>

<p>But I'm applying for engineering and science is my CLEAR weakness. If you follow that forum, you'll see a bit more of my stats. It's... argh. It's obvious my knowledge in the sci arena is lacking.</p>

<p>Plus, counselor sent allll my grades, and I currently have a B in APCS, a course Cornell's College of Engineering strongly recommends.</p>

<p>I think this is really good news. They called, which means they're borderline on accepting you, or at least not rejecting you. Since you have As in those two classes I think thinks are looking up for you. A B is not the end of the world. If you had a C that would be another story if you're on the edge.</p>

<p>Awe, I wish they called me up and asked me for my Physics and Calculus grade, that would make me feel so much better!</p>

<p>I just found out today that Cornell called for my grades too (Engineering), and I had all A's so I'm stoked now :)</p>

<p>I wish that CAS would have asked for my grades!!</p>

<p>live-, did they ask specifically for your calc/physics grades or all your grades?</p>

<p>They called my councilor too...and they asked for all my grades. (for engineering)</p>

<p>i just asked my counselor today and she said cornell called for my 1st quarter grades too (but she didn't say if they only asked for calc/physics). i asked her if this was a bad thing and she said no, because "they're interested in you"...but she tends to be too optimistic sometimes. plus, i got a B in calc =(</p>

<p>At least your calc grade was in your list of grades...i take calc at the college so they didn't even get to see my A because I just took my final..all they saw was my AP stats councilors are too optimistic about everything too but then again my school is only 3 years old..we're the 1st graduating class!</p>

<p>was anybody from engineering NOT requested for 1st quarter grades?</p>

<p>Baykin, yes. Check out the following threads:
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<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Argh my counselor was really unclear on which grades Cornell requested. Whenever I asked, "Cornell only asked for my physics and calculus grades, right?" he would say "Well, it is the school of engineering." Howeverrr he sent in ALL my grades. Man...</p>