So do they read the Common App Essay?

<p>I already wrote my Topic of Choice essay for the Common App. Here's my issue: Stanford's prompts encourage me to write about the same exact thing over again. I can't think of how to answer their supplement questions without writing a similar essay to the one I wrote for the Common App. I assume they read both their supplements and the essay provided with the Common App, but which is more important to them?</p>

<p>Use the cmon app
Essay for
Their essay and
Then write
A new
Essay for
The common

<p>^What the hell is up with your keyboard, man?</p>

<p>Why don't you write a troll common app essay and find out?</p>

<p>Which supplement conflicts with your common app essay? </p>

<p>It can be challenging to find a different topic for EVERY essay but I'm sure there's enough significant things about you that can fulfill all the prompts. I don't think you can say that Stanford looks at one more than the other. My only advice here is don't skimp on one essay thinking you'll make up for it with another. Make them all unique as far as possible and give each your best effort.</p>

<p>Also, for the record, I did have a bit of overlap in some of my essays, and I still got in, so I don't think it's a major deal to restate something.</p>

<p>@Francais The iPod Touch keyboard accidentally returned, so I just went with it, since I was too lazy to go back.</p>