So don't even bother applying cause I have no chance?

<p>Hi, my name is Richie and I am getting very nervous about my college chances. I would, from the bottom of my heart, appreciate any response and opinions on my chances of getting into Vanderbilt regular decision. I was stupid and didn’t do early because I was unsure about my college chances especially since I just got my SAT scores back a couple of weeks ago and did a lot better. </p>

<p>Ethnicity: White male</p>

<p>Location: NY</p>

<p>GPA: Our school gives number grades out of 100 so my weighted average from 9-11 grade is 99.604. It would therefore be a 4.0 GPA.<br>
Rank: Top 25% out of approx. 140 students (Very competitive grade)</p>

<p>SAT I highest composite: 570 verbal, 640 math, 670 writing (11 on essay)…1880 overall
Remember: Vanderbilt looks at writing just as much as math and verbal
SAT II: 700 US History, taking another one (not sure yet) in December</p>

<p>Activities: (All from grades 9-12):
Wrestling, baseball, chamber singers, interact community service club, students against drunk driving, newspaper club</p>

All-State Chorus
All-County Chorus (grade 9,10,11,12)
All-County Wrestling (grade 11)</p>

<p>Note: I will be emphasizing how much I want to sing at their school, it looks good to want to help out the music program as schools get a lot of recognition for winning choral competitions believe it or not.</p>

<p>Decent amount of community service hours; probably around 60-70 hours overall. </p>

<p>Decent amount of work experience; had about 3-4 jobs for short periods of time but I continue to have a small eBay business. </p>

<p>AP Scores:
AP European History: 3
AP American History: 3
AP Language and Composition: 2 </p>

<p>Currently taking AP Government, AP Spanish, AP Physics, AP Literature</p>

<p>So therefore I took a combined 7 AP classes by the end of high school and the rest a majority of honors classes.</p>

<p>Dear Richie:
Grades look good but SAT scores are low for Vanderbilt. Try to boost them up, or try the ACT if you think you might have a better score from that. Also, your AP scores are very weak--I wouldn't list the scores on the application as they might work against you. However, it is good to have taken the higher level AP courses so be sure to list those.</p>

<p>Give it a shot--your choir performance might help. You can try ED II. However, find some safer schools you like. Don't worry--you will find a good fit somewhere :)</p>

<p>Whats ED II?</p>

<p>Early Decision II is an early decision option that has the same deadline as regular decision but lets you know a little earlier than regular decision. It may help them know Vandy is your first choice.</p>