so has anyone spoken to julia stiles?

<p>I think Julia Stiles is graduating this coming year right?</p>

<p>Q for all you Columbians.. So do you see her around? And do you speak to her.. are you friends?</p>

<p>nah, most people here couldn't care less about julia stiles</p>

<p>or yaya from America's next top model! except she already graduated...she's my fav on the show.</p>

<p>i love that show... oh good times</p>

<p>yaya went to brown, not columbia (she's a friend of mine)</p>

<p>oh fun. nvm then. she's still cool although she's from harlem aka where columbia is thats why I thought she went there. why is a Brown kid on the columbia boards anyhow.</p>

<p>hahaha! lol. im applying to brown rd.. but what is brown like? i actually dont know anything bout brown at allllL!!!
can neone tell me nething?</p>

<p>you'd probly have better luck posting on the brown forum</p>