So heck, why not try Harvard? Chance me!

<p>I posted this in the Columbia University forum and my friend was joking around if we mde it into harvard. So was like heck, why not?</p>

<p>Here it is:</p>

<p>My (sophomore) PSAT score is:
M: 73
W: 54 (icky.. Does anyone know any good test prep book?)
CR: 69</p>

<p>My freshman year GPA is:
Unweighted: 3.83333333333 (and so on)
Weighted: 4.5
Class rank: 13/307</p>

<p>I took all advanced classes (PreAP Algebra2, PreAP English, PreAP Biology -Our school doesn't have a history class for freshman o.o)</p>

<p>Sophomore GPA:
Unweighted: 4
Weighted: 4.666666
Class rank: 3/314</p>

<p>I took three advanced classes (PreAP English, Enriched -Which is basically advanced- World History, and PreCalc -it's weighted, I don't know why..)</p>

<p>Took a BB practice test and I get from a range of 1910 to 2040</p>

Err.. Not so well..</p>

<p>Academic Decathalon 2009-2010
French Club 2010-2011
Anytown 2010-2011
Calculus Club 2010-2011
Yearbook Staff 2010-2011</p>

<p>And I am in National Honor Society </p>

<p>I highly doubt I'll make it in considering the fact that literally EVERYONE who asked to chance has 2300 scores or something or like 3 pages of EC (NOT SAYING IT'S A BAD THING, It's amazing actually!)</p>

<p>So chance it (:</p>

<p>Haha thanks ^^
I thought it would be more of a 0%. But 3 is pretty good.

<p>Considering that "average" would probably be about 7 or 8 percent, 3 is pretty good. I think you have an alright chance, but I think Harvard might be a bit of a reach. You have 0% chance if you don't apply though, so you might as well and see what happens.</p>

<p>Waaaait HOLD UP if you're a sophomore, then my answer changes. I dislike people who won't chance sophomores; I think it's good to know where you're at and what you could improve upon if the Ivy League is your aspiration. I would say your extracurriculars could use a little more depth, meaning you should keep with them, demonstrate a real passion for the ones you're in, and if a leadership position is feasible then take it. I think your PSAT score is impressive for sophomore year, but i think if you can raise it some more then a National Merit Scholarship is a definite possibility. Which test are you planning on taking? The SAT, ACT w/Writing, or both?</p>

<p>One other thing I think can really stand to improve is community service work. You definitely want to show that you have a passion for something beyond school work. What are you thinking of majoring in?</p>

<p>lol I don't think I will apply just because I want to live in nyc.
The only reason why I posted here is to see if there was even a SLIGHTEST chance I'll make it in.
But with my EC being so pathetic, I don't think I will d:</p>

<p>Well I plan to take the ACT w/writing, SAT, AP, SAT subject test. And yes I plan to volunteer this coming year.</p>

I think you will make it if you have good EC. Otherwise not really (:
byebye ;D</p>

<p>2000ish will not get you in. you need at least a 2200 to have a decent shot (like 15 percent lol)</p>

<p>Hi, I am just wondering if owning your own advertising company make you unique for harvard considering everything else is decent and lots of internships</p>

<p>Goldring is wrong in soooo many ways.</p>

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