So Helpful~

<p>Ok, so when I realized I had to CALL the CB, I was like OMG~ THEY ARE GOING TO BE SOOO MEAN...seeing as I was the one who forgot to put my SS number this year and I put it on last year.</p>

<p>I called, waite for 10-15 min (that was annoying), but when the guy talked to me, he WAS SOOOO NICE! He did all the fixing and then told me that they'd send another score report!</p>

<p>Ok...maybe it's because I was expecting soo little, but the CB definitely have some nice customer service people (definitely makes me like them a little more) especially when I made the mistake!</p>

<p>lol thats how customer serivce is SUPPOSED to be.."the customer is always right" ...and its not really a big mistake but..well i guess u got a nice ..lucky you :)</p>

<p>remember though... the CB is evil.... it was just one of those wolves in sheep clothing....</p>

<p>lol, i agree Findfishfast :)</p>

<p>yeah don't fall into their trap</p>

<p>its a private company and they have competition (IB and ACT); they wont want to make their customers mad..</p>

<p>lol i wonder whos the real evil CB or ETS?..hmmm</p>

<p>They are helpful only because everything is recorded and could be review at anytime
But, they aren't that witty =o</p>