So heres the deal...

<p>I'm 20 have attended a community college and now im transferring to Buffalo state however, the issue is when I was 16 custody was transferred to my grandparents. I have received dependency from my community college financial aid. I sent the required court documentation to buffalo as they requested it. They denied it though. My grandparents do collect me on the taxes and I also pay taxes with my part time job. So what do I do next? The documentation was good enough for one school but not the next? thanks</p>

<p>Was the custody ordered by a court? Were parental rights terminated? Did both your parents die? If you can help with the answers to these, we might be able to give you some guidance.</p>

<p>It was only my mother, and she gave them up cause I already started living with them because to be honest she is a unstable person and has some mental problems.</p>

<p>Hi Gimpy – I’m still not clear, and your answers make a difference:

  1. Did a judge sign a custody order awarding custody to your grandmother when you were 16? Do you have a copy of the order?
  2. Did a judge terminate you mother’s parental rights?
  3. What’s the status of your father? If he’s out of the picture, how long has that been?
  4. Is your mom by chance on Social Security disability for mental illness?
  5. Is there a professional you or your grandmother know (minister, high school counselor, social worker,…) who could provide some family information to the financial aid officer?</p>

<li>yes and yes not sure of but will find out
3.officially I don’t have one. I was raised by my step father but they divorced that same year.
4.She was from the time I was 16 until this year. She suffered from lymphoma and went through chemo when I was 14 which probably added to the instability later on.
5.I believe so, a good friend of mine is actually a advisor at my community college if that applicable.</li>

<p>PM Kelsmom. She will be able to help you directly.</p>