So how do you tell people....

<p>Do the majority of people, when talking about their SAT scores, tell their best scores from Math and Verbal combined, even if they were taken on different days, or do they say their best overall score from one test. I am wondering because i got significantly higher on Math one time, and significantly higher in Verbal the other, so while the two composite scores are nearly the same, when i take my best math and best verbal it jumps about 60 points. I am just wondering if most people (and colleges) assume that your SAT score is combined from two different tests or not, and when people ask about their chances at different schools on these forums and list their SATs, do they list their best for one sitting or not.</p>

<p>As I understand it the colleges take the best Verbal and the best Math when considering your application - so you can quote your best combined when speaking about your score.</p>

<p>Depends on the school, but most that I've seen take the highest verbal and highest math. They see all of them though.</p>