So how many are still on step 3?

<p>What are your stats?</p>

<p>Still in Step 2 :( I don't know what COLLEGE TRNS FINAL GRADES FROM xxx college is. Can anybody explain it to me?</p>

<p>You must not have the required 24 credit hours for transfer, or if you do have more than 24 hours, they do not all transfer to A&M. They will not consider the credit hours you are currently taking. You must submit your spring transcript as soon as possible and A&M will reconsider you for transfer. You will be rejected until you submit spring transcript, then they will accept you if there is space for you.</p>

<p>From the brochure for accepted transfer students:</p>

<p>Send Your Final College Transcript
All admitted transfer students should have their official final college transcripts sent to:
Transfer Admissions Processing
Texas A&M University....</p>

<p>I'm not sure but I think COLLEGE TRNS FINAL GRADES is on AIS for all transfer students. I think I saw it on friend's AIS after they were accepted - not 100% positive though. It is on my daughters' and she has 37 hours completed which exceeds the 24 minimum hours but she is still on step 4 so we don't know if she will be accepted or not.</p>

<p>ALL accepted transfer students have to send their final transcripts to A&M.
But when you have not been accepted and that message appears - it means either you do not have the required 24 hours to transfer(these 24 hours have to be transferrable hours to A&M) or you do not have the "right" 24 hours required to transfer and they will need to see your final transcript before they will accept you. This does not mean they are not accpeted, it just means they cannot accept you until you have proved to them you have completed the requirements for transfer.</p>

<p>Wo wo this is about step 3 freshmen we need some help</p>

<p>I think they have just forgotten about us. Make plans to go elsewhere.</p>

<p>ooops - I'm so sorry texasboy - I lost track of where I was.</p>

<p>sorry texasboy - there was a question asked about transfer & step2 - back to you now:)</p>

<p>Still on step 3?</p>

<p>Dont worry about it I think everyone on step 3 STILL is going to be rejected...</p>

<p>I know how you feel. My daughter is still on step 3. </p>

<p>I imagine rejection letters are the last things sent. Does anyone know when A&M sends rejections to those that aren't going to be offered the options such as waitlist or Blinn Team?</p>

<p>Her stats are ACT 26, top 30% of her class, President of her student body, a wide variety of ECs including ECs directly related to her major, dual credit college classes, work experience, and strong references and essays. </p>

<p>What about you?</p>

<p>I have a friend who has an 1850 on the SAT who's still on step 3. She applied for economics as her primary major and psychology as her secondary. I don't see why she shouldn't be accepted!</p>

<p>its tough - manav77, if she split the scores right down the middle with 616 on all three of the parts of the SAT - that just isn't good enough these days. Competition is tough.
Part of the problem is the economy - many kids would have gone to private colleges if the economy wasn't what it is today. So the kids who may have gone to Texas private schools - SMU, TCU, Baylor, ACU, etc... are now putting their aplications into the two Texas flagship Tier 1 schools - A&M & Tu. The collective pool of applicants for A&M this year was near 30,000 applications for 8,000 spots. A&M & Tu have their choice of top applicants and are having to turn away great students. Until the other U's in Texas reach Tier 1 level, the competition is only going to increase.</p>

<p>Soo I'm still on step 2 and I have an alert that says... "We have not yet recieved (or not yet processed) your 'official' transcript from xxxx college" however it also says they received my official transcript 10 days ago..</p>

<p>@dshan925 </p>

<p>They are more than likely still processing your transcript. It's crunch time for them and I'm sure they have alot of transcripts to process. It took them 15 days to process my HS transcript back in October. Patience.</p>

<p>So did anyone here on step 3 after March get accepted?? </p>

<p>Seeing what destiny look like…</p>

<p>Ha, Step 3… I wish! I’ve been on step two waiting on some transcripts from Cali to post for three weeks! Hopefully this the week that I move up a step.</p>

<p>bump </p>

<p>Did anyone get full admission after March? If yes, what major?</p>

<p>Still on step 3…</p>

<p>Applied 10/30/12 (processed 11/8/12)
Top 22% (192/894)
1250 SAT (CR + M)
Wrote all 3 essays and sent a letter of rec</p>

<p>But today I got a whoop! Full Acceptance on the AIS manage my app tab.
Don’t give up.
Howdy says stage 3 still.</p>