So how was CalSO?

<p>For those that went today, what was it like? I have mine June 16th and I am getting VERY anxious.</p>

<p>yeah how was it yall! im DYING to know!</p>

<p>It was great, amazing, and unforgettable. </p>

<p>The very end, before dinner, was my favorite part, you will know once you go there.</p>

<p>I saw multiple CC members there and I can't wait for the fall.</p>

<p>GO BEARS!</p>

<p>omg i'm sooo excited!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>it was awesome :] i loved the tribute to nirvana by the marching band lol, and a couple of CC people found me, including lakerforever24, but unfortunately i didn't have much of a chance to talk to them :[</p>

<p>can someone please type up about the whole calso day in a detailed fashion? "amazin" aint gonna cut it! =P im dying to knooooooowww</p>

<p>I'm only concerned about one thing; how was the breakfast?</p>

<p>I was there.
I showed up around 8:00am, signed in, was assigned a student guide, met other polisci majors who were also assigned to Tasha.
We were then split up into different sections depending on major and given explanation about major pre-reqs and upper division requirements. It was about lunch time here so my adviser told us that she would meet any of us to had our transcripts ready and the proper lower division courses completed and that she would allow us to declare WHILE AT CalSo (very important & a huge advantage for class selection)
After this I honestly went home, I didn't return to the school until 3:30 because they were just giving info about health services & etc. and I needed to go home for a minute. When I got back at 3:30pm we got back into groups and were brought to the Cal1Card office where we were able to take our pictures that would go on our ID cards...this was pretty exciting.
Following this we were FINALLY given our 'adviser code' to register for classes and we were given a chance to register for our first 10.5 units.
I left after this but I honestly don't think much else group leader said that there was going to be a 'surprise' but she also explained that it could only be taken home 'in your heart' lol. Anyway, dinner was at 7pm and it was optional so I went home.</p>

<p>lalala i didn't read the previous post so i won't spoil the surprise!!</p>

<p>sorry, tribute was a very poor choice of words :\ they just did smells like teen spirit as one of their songs, and they also showed a video of calso in which i'm sure most people showed up in, at least i appeared twice lol, and on the way to the dining hall they did the time warp which was pretty kooky cuz it was so random and planned at the same time lol</p>

<p>In my opinion, CalSO was a great experience because it reminded somewhat allowed me to regain my freshman experience I missed out of high school. I met a large group of people, many of whom where CCers, like Damn its Johnny and Mokiness (Who drove up with me) as well as others from our Facebook Group (UC</a> Berkeley Transfer Class of 2012 | Facebook). I met with many other economics majors in my group who cared about their major, never saw that in community college. I'll post more when I get home in 8 or so hours. </p>

<p>Go Bears!</p>

<p>You know it.
You heard the story.
Tell the whole damn world this is bear territory!</p>

<p>You know it.
You heard the story.
Tell the whole damn world this is bear territory!</p>

<p>CalSo was fun although the Safety presentation was boring, but me Trasferuc did miss part of it while we went to find the T-Rex. The important parts of CalSo were getting our Cal1 card, registering for Phase 1, major advising and for some declaring a major, but the most important part was becoming a BEAR. GO BEARS!!!</p>

<p>Can someone who didnt leave CalSo at times write up their whole day? All im hearing is "amazing" "pretty cool" and stuff. Im still dying to knooooooow (in complete details pleaseeee) thanks to those who actually posted in this thread about it =P</p>

<p>I will try my best to explain what happened during the day.</p>

<li>Sign in- This was where you got all the good for the day including your advisor and schedule. I would advise trying to meet someone in here if you don't know anyone because everyone is in the same position</li>
<li>Breakfast- Its not like a Food Network meal, but its pretty good. This is where I met up with some of CCers and we chatted as well as where I met some other people.</li>
<li>Intro to CalSO- "CONGRATULATIONS, YOUR A GOLDEN BEAR". I think that sums it up.</li>
<li>Get with your advisor- You meet up with another current Cal student and you are usually paired by either school or major (My group was entirely economics majors). Advisors will do an Icebreaker so you can better get to know your group as a whole.</li>
<li>Specific College Time- You hear some basic stuff about your college (LnS for me) and most of it will likely be old information.</li>
<li>Major Time- They break you up between major and you learn cool stuff about classes</li>
<li>Lunch Time- More food :D</li>
<li>Free time for about 2 hours to listen to people talk about either the career center or research or housing or other stuff. (Housing was really boring so I went to find the T-Rex instead)</li>
<li>More Free Time- Same </li>
<li>Sign Up For Classes- KNOW YOUR CLASSES BEFORE! That will help you.</li>
<li>Cal 1 ID- Smile for the camera</li>
<li>I forgot to be honest (Sorry)</li>
<li>Safety + Health</li>
<li>Closing :( - I loved the ending, it really rallied everyone together. Go Bears!</li>

<p>Overall I thought it was amazing because I met so many people.</p>

<p>It was cool to meet everyone. I thought a lot of the info that was given in the auditorium and with the college advisor was boring. I already knew most of it, you will too if you have researched your major requirements etc etc. I was really excited to learn about some study abroad programs that I didn't know were offered.</p>

<p>Is it okay if I arrive at Calso around 9am? My plane arrives after 7:30am. :(</p>

<p>thats a bit late, i think check-in is until 8 am?</p>

<p>Check in ends at 8:15, but my friend showed up past 9am and they told him to go check in during lunch so he could get his CalSo reg code later.</p>

<p>Apparently, I heard you could come in the day before and spend the night? Where do you stay? Has anyone done that?</p>

<p>I'm sad that I can't go :(--How're you supposed to schedule if you don't go? lol</p>