So, how was your school?

<p>Well, my school was pretty much DEAD. As well as myself, everybody was dead.</p>

<p>1st Period (Honors English) was dark as hell. Almost everybody was depressed because Bush won the election. Nobody really didn't want to answer any questions from the teacher, and it was scary.</p>

<p>In 3rd period (AP Chem), the teacher herself was depressed too. When I was talking about the election with my friends in the class, she said "I'm not speaking for next four years." Wow, are we that screwed?</p>

<p>There were some students who were very cheerful (like a guy who screamed "Yeah! Bush and Cheney! Yes on 36 (banning of gay marriage)! This election rocked!") but basically people around me looked very disappointed. I wonder how long this is going to last.</p>

<p>So, my question is, "How was your school today?" I'm really curious about that. Probably some schools were similar to mine, some were opposite, and some were totally same as usual school days. And describe how it looked like.</p>

<p>that EXACTLY what happened in our school!!
So gloomy...
People saying they're planning on moving to Canada or Isreal (a lot of Jews in our school)...</p>

<p>my school was EXACTLY the same, except even the republicans felt bad for us, and didn't even brag. We have like a 9:1 dem majority tho.</p>

<p>In four years it will be even more depressing, anyone want to contemplate the presidency of Mr. " Hasta la Vista, baby"?</p>

<p>We had a mock election (grades K-12) and it was like 260 to 80 for Bush. EVERYONE practically is Republican and it drives me crazy because it's so one-sided. Actually, I was surprised that Kerry even got 80 votes but most of them must have been grades K-8...the high school is definitely very, very, very Republican.</p>

<p>Personally, I don't really take either side because I don't feel I can support either candidate fully. When I voted in the mock election, I wrote in a vote for Nader just to be different, haha...</p>

<p>i was sad-- my day went on as usual, with a side comment or two. nobody really stopped to think or discuss what's going on. i can't wait until college</p>

<p>super duper day. At a predominately liberal school in NJ, I was quite surprised by the number of Closet Republicans we had.</p>

<p>A couple of "I'M MOVING TO CANADA!"s and "THIS SUCKS"s, but all in all, a pretty good day.</p>

<p>Our AP Biology teacher yelled at us again too.</p>

<p>vancat all this time I thought you were a parent!</p>

<p>School just seemed quiet today. I mean, it wasn't any quieter than usual, but I think my own upset amplified it. I go to a mostly Republican/conservative school, but they must have been rejoicing in secret. I'll give them that. Except for those who came up to me, pointed and laughed in my face, and said "My president's better than yours!"</p>


<p>My school is one of the most progessive in the entire nation...of 450 7-12 students a total of 4 Republicans...</p>

<p>The entire mood was depressed, angry and one really wanted to have class today...</p>

<p>I got home and actually cried a little bit thinking about what this meant for our nation and have come to the discovery that Bush really can't do all that much and here is why...</p>

<p>Foreign affairs: If Bush and the Republicans try another war somewhere, the entire nation is going to go ape **** and vote overwhelmingly Democrat in 2008.</p>

<p>Domestic: This is where it gets a little bit more difficult for the Dems...but it isnt impossible...While the Senate and House are sided to the Republicans there are still enough Democrats to create a fillibuster. That is heavily important, especially now with Zell Miller leaving and there not being a crossover Democrat. The supreme court really is the issue in this and the possiblity of installing heavily conservative judges. I see this as the true hallmark of the Bush administration for 2004-2008. If he does put more moderate judges on then he has done this nation a great service. If he does was just another lie he told to win reelection and will hurt the party in the future.</p>

<p>Today is a sad day for Democrats everywhere...this nation really is split 50.1/49.9 and I think that in 2008 we will see the Democrats take on a whole new philosophy to change this great country.</p>

<p>Democrats everywhere!! Remember McGovern and then Jimmy Carter!!! We are down, but we are most certainly not out!</p>

<p>School was interesting. We had a good time making fun of and mocking all the liberals. The teachers, mostly democratic, were a bit upset but some more visibly than others. One teacher told us to hush when she heard us talking about the election, others didn't care as much. Four more years :)</p>

<p>Even though I live in Canada, my school was quiet interested in the election, likely more so than for our own Prime Minister. Today some people were happy and other sad, althought the disappointed segment was much more numerous. I only saw three teachers today since it was a short day with the academic awards ceremony (where i cleaned up :), had to mention it). My physics teacher didnt have time to talk since we were just there for announcenments, attendence, anthem, and prayer. My politics teacher was quite upset, but he was expecting it, even though he didnt have much time to comment since I just saw him after the ceremony as we didnt have that class either. Finally, my religion teacher (Roman Catholicp ublic school) was happy since Bush's platform more reflects our ideals than Kerry's did. Overall the students who supported Bush were much more vocal, but we'll see what happens tomorrow since school finished at 11am today, well before the concession speech.</p>

<p>We didn't care. We were more interested in studying for the SATs this Saturday.</p>

My school is one of the most progessive in the entire nation...of 450 7-12 students a total of 4 Republicans...</p>

<p>The entire mood was depressed, angry and one really wanted to have class today...</p>

<p>I got home and actually cried a little bit thinking about what this meant for our nation and have come to the discovery that Bush really can't do all that much and here is why...


<p>Rofl. I'm sorry. That was quite something.</p>

<p>All of my teachers were really depressed as was I.
Obama for president!</p>

<p>Emeraldkity, I'd pick Arnold over Bush any day. I didn't vote for him in the recall, but so far, he still sounds intelligent, he is courageous enough to take stands against his President, he is working I don't agree with everything he does or says, but I am actually pretty happy with him and I think a lot of California democrats are too. But he can't run, remember the Constitutional provision against foreign-born Presidents.</p>

<p>Thanks for replies. I guess there are a lot of same situations across the nation.</p>

<p>BTW, no republicans actually made fun of me (even though I have some republican friends), but somewhere in the country there are some people who jeer at others just because their candidates had lost. I don't know what happens with this if Kerry won the election (progressives jeer at conservatives?), but I guess world isn't really a nice place after all.... oh, we all know this, right?</p>

<p>athlonmj: would you like to hang out with Cartman in South Park?</p>

<p>Keep posting what your school looks like.</p>

<p>To give you an idea, we held a mock election a couple of months ago and the vote was something like 90% for Kerry. Nobody was really gloating because the conservatives are so outnumbered that they basically just hide from the masses. So, in conclusion, BAD TIMES.</p>

<p>I have voted for several winners, and more losers, in presidential elections during my voting lifetime, but never have I felt anything remotely like either the devastation I feel right now, or the gloating/rejection I feel is being directed by the victors in this election. I have never felt jeered or gloated at before when my candidate lost, nor have I felt more than contentment when he won. Something is fundamentally different now. I still think it is traceable back to our sense of our future are very, very uncertain and fragile because of the threat of global terrorism, environmental deterioration, and huge economic disasters looming before us. I think the whole "moral values" thing is just a wishful hope that such things will solve the crisis in this country, which it most certainly will not. It will only divide, distract, and weaken us more.</p>

<p>What type of messed up schools do you people go to...
People here were moaning and b*tching, but I just ignored them. </p>

<p>It's not like this Bush victory is gonna profoundly change your lifestyle. You'll still wake up in the morning, have a pop tart, get to school, ignore the teachers in the classes you go to while ditch the classes you dont feel like going to, come home to eat dinner, then plop onto the comp while your buttcheeks adjust to its comfy position preset in your comp chair, then waste your time on CC. </p>

<p>In the meantime, Bush will decide whether he should wear red socks or blue socks to work today. He'll end up not going to work, cause, whatever, the Texas Ranch is sooooooooooo much better.</p>

<p>"I feel strongth welling up in my body!"</p>