So how's Russian at Davis?

<p>I’m planning on taking a whack at it freshman fall quarter depending on how confident I feel I will do in terms of GPA :P</p>

<p>I did not take Russian at UCD but my wife did so I will let her respond to your question. She does have a facility for languages and does still speak a little Russian, Cantonese, and Spanish. Don't know your familiarity for Russian. From my wife-</p>

<p>I took Russian at UC Davis. I had two years of Russian in high school and had taken a Russian language exam to see if I could pass it to take a higher level course. My advice... Start with beginning Russian. It will be taught differently than any other Russian course you have previously taken. That way you all have the same basis before taking higher level courses. I took Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish and Russian at UC Davis. Russian was the hardest. It was faster paced than my other courses because of that I did not take a another class.</p>

<p>Oh so it seems pretty hard :o</p>

<p>As for taking Russian previously, I havn't, but am self taught in the basic alphabet if that counts for anything :&lt;/p>