So I already have a full ride to Auburn... can I still apply for more scholarships?

<p>I hate to be selfish, because i know there are plenty of others that need and probably deserve the money more than myself, But i've worked pretty hard to be where I am know and I'm just kinda wondering...</p>

<p>In general, what happens if my total expenses for college are about 25k a yr, but my freshmen year I get 40k worth of scholarships? is the money for me to use at my dispense? can it go toward next yr? Can I apply it to my fraternity dues rather than on campus room and board? </p>

<p>See Im a National Hispanic Scholar and I guess since Auburn's demographics REALLY lack diversity, they are giving me a full ride... I've never really been attracted to their school, but it's a VERY tempting offer. </p>

<p>I'm also all but positive that I am gonna be shoe-in for a number of leadership and service scholarships (forgive me if i sound cocky)... I currently hold a state office as Secretary of all the student councils in my state and I serve on the executive board of the largest student leadership organization in the world and I have held every office at my school. I have over 2000 community service hours and I have initiated and coordinated a statewide service/patriotism project. </p>

<p>I know that each scholarship varies and there are different restrictions, but is there a general rule about extra scholarship money? Anyone have any experiences where they were left with a few thousand bucks?</p>

<p>In general (including at Auburn) your total financial aid award won't be allowed to exceed cost of attendance; if you get other scholarships, your full ride gets reduced accordingly. So doing this would be pretty pointless.</p>

the only exception to that rule would be if the scholarship was paid directly to him/her. Some private not-for-profit places do that...but its not common.</p>

<p>If your scholarship is completely merit, not need, based, it's possible that you will be refunded excess outside monies that exceed the COA. You'll have to call/email the FA office at Auburn to get specific details.</p>

<p>And, yes, imo it's a selfish plan...your stats are not likely higher than every other kid, nor did you necessarily work harder although your accomplishments are impressive. Many people simply don't qualify for certain scholarships. I'm fairly certain the scholarship committee's intent is not to have students make money off of's to support deserving students (whatever they feel that criteria is) in their efforts to obtain an education. So, my vote would be to take the full ride and whatever up to your COA and let it go at that. Greed is never an attractive quality and wouldn't reflect well on your leadership skills or commitment to help others. At the end of the day, that's what you would have to live with...</p>

<p>There are certain expenses that can be included in the Cost of Attendance and therefore, additional scholarship monies could be directed towards those expenses. This depends on the policies at the school and should be a question you ask them. Expenses can include: study abroad, computer, room and board at a fraternity, additional travel budget, health insurance.</p>

<p>It also depends on the individual scholarship -- many scholarships have specific language that only allows the scholarship to be used for tuition or tuition, room and board. If you don't have these expenses, you won't be given any money.</p>

<p>Auburn's NH scholarship does not include meals or books, so go ahead and get scholarships for that.</p>

<p>thanks for the replies... but yeah, like someone already said... the scholarship would be merit based... its not an aid package</p>

It doesn't matter that it's not aid-based. The Auburn NH scholarship value does not exceed Auburn's COA, so feel free to get more scholarships to cover up to COA.</p>

<p>Definitely! I know... i just wanted to mention that cuz the first few posters seem to be under the impression that it is an aide package.</p>