So I failed a subject and did bad in everything else...

<p>I failed AP Chem - I should've dropped it, since I didn't understand anything from the start, but I was scared of how it would look. Now I regret not dropping it.
I also got C's in AP English, AP EnviSci (don't ask), and probably AP Calc. Hopefully I didn't get a D.
So basically I did bad in all my AP classes.</p>

<p>I should call them for more info, but I feel really awkward doing that. I decided to ask online first.
I was never that great of a student though.
Do you think I will be rescinded? I don't want to wait until August to find out...</p>

<p>you're screwed lalalalala</p>

<p>If it means anything, I truly hope your admission is not rescinded.</p>

<p>BTW are you a commie?
Because I consider myself more in favor of communism than capitalism.
As I am typing this, I am watching "the Assassination of Richard Nixon"</p>

<p>pack your bags for community college fool!</p>

<p>Don't worry about the C's. Your only concern is AP chemistry. Honestly, I would just leave it alone.</p>

<p>ready?... prepare an apology speech to your parents.. and mentally prepare yourself for being rescinded. It is very likely that will happen and you shouldreally start to look ahead and anticipate it.</p>

<p>I've read in other threads of people failing classes and not getting rescinded. You did cut it really close, but you still graduated right? Maybe you could try to contact NYU and let them know that something came up maybe? You lost your motivation but you're determined to work super-hard at NYU or something. I really hope you don't get rescinded.</p>

<p>I don't think you're going to get rescinded. Most people get rescinded when you do something utterly terrible. Just leave it alone. </p>

<p>However I have to congratulate you, because you make me feel MUCH better about my situation! I'm getting 2 C's in BC calc and AP Bio, so I guess there are always bigger fish in the sea to catch. :)</p>

<p>lol nuclearpakistan</p>

<p>DMOC we have the same post count...oh wait now I'm ahead :P</p>

<p>But anyways, I don't think you should worry about it. I think you SHOULD ( if anything) come up with plausible answers if NYU chooses to confront you about this situation. Make sure you know what to say and how to say it.</p>

<p>Leave it alone. My daughter never sent in her end of year grades, and they never said a word.
But she didn't fail anything.</p>

<p>How did she not send in her 2nd semester grades?
There is no proof that she graduated from high school.</p>

<p>We never sent a thing in. Maybe the school did, but we did not.
That is a hilarious screen name, smokealotofweed. Just be careful, if you get caught, you will regret it.</p>