So I get to be a tour guide for my school!

<p>I get to walk backwards for an hour while telling random juniors stories about Caltech! It's gonna be awesome. But at the same time kinda scary because there'll be all these little googly-eyed high school kids asking questions and it'll be all awkward 'cause I'm only a freshman and haven't given any tours before. xD</p>

<p>Oh well, I guess everyone has to start somewhere, right?</p>

--Misplaced Internet memes
--How to walk backwards and not bump into stuff</p>

No idea.

<p>You can't say little googly-eyed, because technically you're little and googly-eyed too. Just saying.</p>

<p>Talk about that Nerds candy stuff.</p>

<p>Yeah. It's pretty sad, a lot of those kids will be older and more intimidating than I am. >.></p>