So I got into cooper but...

<p>I applied to cooper as a transfer AND GOT ACCEPTED but I may have to take all my courses over. This may be the last year they are offering full scholarships. Some people are telling me to go. Some are telling me it's not worth it. I need an objective - distanced - opinion from someone not emotionally invested. Please, give me your opinion.</p>

<p>I think I read that those with full scholarships are grand-fathered in if they change meaning that if you're in on a full scholarship next year as a transfer and they change that policy the year after anyone who already has a year or more in gets to finish with the full scholarship. Call them and ask for someone in administration and ask that question. Then you'll know for sure what they intend to do. That would be pretty critical to deciding whether to give up credits for a transfer to Cooper.</p>

<p>Im sorry, but It was hard to understand your post. The letter I recieved said that I recieved a 4 year full scholarship with the value of 150,000 dollars, so I dont think I have to worry about that part.</p>

<p>My problem is the fact that I applied as a transfer but was accepted as a first year student. I would be starting over from the beginning after studying art for close to two years. </p>

<p>Is it worth going there if I dont get any credits? Is there anything I can do so that I at least get partial credits such as general english/math and entry level art foundation courses?</p>

<p>I hope my case isnt so unique that no one has a response...</p>

<p>The only people that can answer your questions about credits would be the people at Cooper. I guess if you are asking if it is worth it, to give up the time you have spent, I guess you need to answer that by weighing pros and cons. </p>

<p>For me the answer would be determined in part by looking at the perceived quality of the school in which I was currently enrolled; the quality of the classes and teachers I have had; what I wanted to get out of my degree; what I wanted to get out of Cooper and if I would be extremely disappointed when the students at my current school were graduating and I was only finishing my sophmore year. </p>

<p>Hope this helps, congratulations on your acceptance.</p>

<p>Is Cooper worth two more years of being in school? I would look closely at the classes you have already taken and then look at the curriculum/classes you will have an opportunity to take at Cooper. Will having these two extra years open up a lot of possibilities for you? Will you get to study things you never would have been able to fit in your current program? Will that put you in a better position when you finish school? </p>

<p>Are you feeling restless as a student and itching to work already? Are you so talented and skilled that you don't need that much more schooling? What field do you want to go into. If it is fine art - why not take the extra years to stay in the would be like getting a fellowship or residency. If it is commercial art maybe it is overkill. It depends on the quality of the program you are in now.</p>

<p>Will being in NYC open up opportunities to you that you haven't already had? Internships, connections, museums, galleries? As an older student you may be able to take more advantage of these resources than a kid just starting out.</p>

<p>Then there is money. Of course on the surface it looks like Cooper is a free ride. But living expenses in NYC might be more than you are paying for tuition, room and board now. What are your total expenses when you compare two more years at your current school to four more years at Cooper. Maybe the answer is in the numbers?</p>

<p>Do you planning on going to grad school? If so maybe Cooper doesn't make sense. If you want an advanced degree maybe that should be your focus right now. You could finish up your current school and then apply to a Master's program. </p>

<p>All this being an adult who feels her college years went by way too fast, I would go to Cooper in a heartbeat if I was you :)</p>