So I guess some decisions are out...

<p>I got my rejection letter today...I'm worried it may be a foreshadowing of future rejections. Idk, I really had my hopes set on Macalester.</p>

<p>Anyway, has anyone else heard?</p>

<p>I got accepted yesterday, which seriously surprised me. I'm not in the top quarter of my class (public school), I have a pretty easy senior schedule, I have taken no Honors or AP classes, and I don't have many ECs. Standardized testing for the win.</p>

<p>Ahh I havent heard. But I live in NY... I am guessing tomorrow?</p>

<p>Congratulations Junglebrain, though now I'm almost bothered! I, like you, am not in the top of my class (not even top quarter), but I am taking AP courses, am enrolled in a college course, have some good ECs, attend a rigorous prep school, etc. My test scores were somewhat lackluster though (ACT 28) and my GPA wasn't too good (3.4, school doesn't weigh.) I just really wanted in at Mac...Oh well!</p>

<p>Congratulations again Junglebrain! Are you going to Mac next fall?</p>

<p>....I got my letter...of also. At first I didn't even think of what it was. I was just happy to get communication from Macalester. Then my mom looked at me worriedly, and I realized what it was likely to be.
Ah well. I'm glad that I "didn't have a first choice"...I mean in all honesty Mac was probably close to my first choice, but I was so against having a first choice, so now I'm not too upset.</p>

<p>The annoying thing is that I had just gotten acceptances to my safeties (which is good) and the first rejection happened to be from one of my favorites...ah well.</p>

<p>I just wish I knew for the rest!</p>

<p>(But, I must remember that this waiting is a thousand times better than it was a few months ago writing those applications...!)</p>

<p>Where I go depends mostly on financial aid and scholarships.</p>

<p>omg, i got waitlisted at macalester. i have a 3.7 unweighted gpa, top 10% of my class, and a 2210 sat....i wonder if it is because they didn't get my second teacher recommendation yet, ugh. if that was the reason, do you think they would have told me? i just got a generic "we had a lot of qualified applicants blah blah blah" letter.</p>

<p>i asked my teacher to write my recommendation months ago, and he said it would take him a week, but none of my colleges have received it yet....i hate to keep bothering him, but i went and asked him about it a couple days ago and he said he sent it "last week"....and then i asked him if i could have it so i could fax it, and first he said it was at home, and then he said he didn't have a copy. UGH.</p>

<p>big envelope, small envelope?</p>

<p>i think i remember reading that it is a big envelope that says "yes macalester" on it.</p>

<p>It isn't large enough to fit a full size piece of paper/folder/etc., but it's larger and thicker than a normal envelope; and yes, it says "Yes Macalester" on it.</p>