So...I have some weird ECs..should I put them on my resume?

<p>I understand the importance of high SAT/GPA, leadership positions in the college admission process. However, I do have some non-CCer-like ECs under my belt, and I was wondering if they're relevant enough to be on my resume. ECs include:</p>

<li><p>I was a finalist at a modeling/talent competition hosted by a Men's Uno, which is a men's fashion magazine based in asia (like an asian version of GQ magazine). After the event, the magazine's modeling/talent agency subsequently offered me a 7 year full-time contract, which I rejected. Instead, I signed a 2 year part-time contract, which will allow me to focus on my studies. This was by far the most ego-humbling experience I had ever encountered...I mean..think about the evil editor from Devil Wears picture five asian versions of her on steriods, screaming from all directions lol. The chief editor of the magazine literally said "your nose is weird" straight at my face, and took me off one of the photoshoot/covers.</p></li>
<li><p>I was part of a hip-hip dance crew that placed 1st in a dance competition in Florida. The competition essentially attracted both amateurs and professional dancers in Florida (or dancers from nearby states who drove to Florida, like my crew). Even though most of the dancer crews that competed in the event comprised of college students who danced for fun, the crews that placed top 3 were mostly professionals. Some of the members in my crew (not including me) competed in America's Best Dance Crew. They got eliminated during 2nd round...but they're still my heroes lol..</p></li>
<li><p>Interned at a hip-hop recording studio in Atlanta. Not exactly my proudest moments. I had answer calls and sell alcohol to rappers. The whole place reeked of weed. I was also the only non-black person in the entire studio complex. With all that being said, the owner of the studio was pretty legit. In fact, he just built an additional 3 million dollar studio in downtown Atlanta. However, I quit the internship before the site was completed, so I'll never experience the custom built jacuzzi in the</p></li>
<li><p>Some additional ECs...I was asked to perform in a pretty popular variety TV show in Taiwan (i'm Taiwanese)....also participated in a Georgia Lottery flash mob tv commercial at the international airport. </p></li>

<p>Anyway, I understand these aren't..typical college applicant ECs, but I did spend a lot of time/effort...and quite frankly..a lot of ego-beating. And I really hope I'd get at least some sort of credit for all the odd experiences in my application. Let me know what you guys think. thanks!</p>

<p>Absolutely you should include them. They also sound like great essay topics.</p>

<p>Definitely; they'll make you stand out as an applicant.</p>

<p>This is an essay topic gold mine</p>

<p>All intriguing to think about!</p>

<p>So you're a transfer applicant from Emory? These are very unique and nice accomplishments, I don't know much about the transfer process unfortunately... why are you trying to get out of Emory anyways?</p>

<p>hey guys thanks for the inputs!</p>

<p>seahawks506, you are partially right. I was an Emory student for two years. After that I decided to pursue a career in entertainment and took academic absence for two years in order to achieve that goal...hence all those weird ECs. time went on, even after agencies offered me long term contracts, I wasn't 100% sure if that's what I wanted to do with my life, cause there's so much instability in the entertainment buz. I for one do not want to be a starving artist....Anyway, I'm not exactly trying to write an autobiography here, so there's no need for me to state everything. Basically I'm at Santa Monica College right now cause it's in LA, literally the entertainment capital of the world. Plus, it's closer to asia, so if I ever need to travel back for some gigs, it'll save some time in the air. So to answer your question, I'm transfering from Santa Monica College, which is a 2 year community college in..that's right.. Santa Monica.
I noticed how everyone says I should use my past experience as a topic for my essay. But the essay topic on the common app for transfer students is basically "why do you want to transfer and what do you hope to achieve" my ability to connect this topic with my past endeavors is quite limited. Anyway, the essay part is an entirely different issue that shouldn't even be addressed here among the "normal" college admission threads. Thank you all for responding, I guess I should somehow state all these experiences in my transfer app. Thanks!</p>

<p>If you were an Emory student for two years, don't you have too many hours to be a community college student? I'm not sure how all this is going to work for you.</p>

<p>do you mean..too many hours to transfer to a 4 year institution? I'm here at Santa Monica College they obviously let me in, even after I sent them my Emory transcript....<br>
I was an undeclared student planning on majoring in biology/premed back at Emory. However, now I wanna be an Econ/Bus major, therefore I need to start over and take all the prereqs for econ/bus major at any 4 year institution that I might be planning on transferring to. Most college transfer websites only says the transfer student needs to finish his last 2 years at the institution, which is what I'll be doing cause all those previous biology courses don't count towards my anticipated econ/bus major.. Am I wrong here? should I call each individual college that I might be transferring to and ask them this question?</p>

<p>Definitely call each school to see how your application should be handled. You can't just erase the two years at Emory from your application....those courses may count for gen eds or electives at other schools.
Your ECs will obviously make you an interesting candidate to a lot of schools....just make sure you dot the i's and cross the t's for each school with respect to your academic history.</p>

I noticed how everyone says I should use my past experience as a topic for my essay. But the essay topic on the common app for transfer students is basically "why do you want to transfer and what do you hope to achieve" my ability to connect this topic with my past endeavors is quite limited.


We had no way of knowing that from this thread since you didn't mention being a transfer. Seahawks must have pulled that from some other threads. That being said, the ECs should go in the app. It certainly shows a willingness to try different things.</p>

<p>You haven't said where you want to transfer on this thread, and of course I could be way off, but you might want to consider LMU.This thread reminds me of some the students there, but I suspect that could be true of a lot of schools in LA. Expensive though, and the students in the undergrad might seem pretty young to you.</p>

<p>boysx3- What're "i's and t's"?
Erin's dad-yes i know, should've made it more clear
Shrinkrap-you mean LMU has a lot of students with unique backgrounds?</p>

<p>I'm interested in transferring to the UCs, U of Michigan, and some top private colleges.</p>

<p>I did some research, almost all private colleges state that students must finish their last 2 years at the new institution they transferred to. They also state that students must have finished at least one full year of college before applying...but i don't see any thing that blocks applicants who completed a certain number of credits from applying...</p>

<p>"Shrinkrap-you mean LMU has a lot of students with unique backgrounds?"</p>

<p>I meant students who are into the entertainment industry, but know they need to make a living while they pursue it. It has a school of film and television, a television station,so there are opportunities behind and in front of the camera, some bboying and other dance interests, I think it's pretty diverse, and has a good rep in business.</p>

<p>This is all second hand ..</p>

<p>BUT it's not considered a top school here on CC, so.....</p>

<p>UMich OOS will cost $50K/year. Would you be considered in-state for Cal?</p>