So I just failed in my junior year...

<p>I go to cornell university, and this is my third year. Basically, I got a D- and another F from slacking off and these are both grounds for being kicked out(not to mention that my grades were already abysmal to begin with). I've spent the last few hours figuring out what I'm going to do with my life. Does this mean that a community college is my only other option for continued education? What about all the credits that I have accumulated up until now? If I were to transfer, would I retain any credits, or would I have to erase all my scores (bad or good) and start all over again? Where do I go from here?</p>

<p>I'm done. Retake the classes' you bombed at a cc to erase the bad scores.</p>

<p>How do I know if they have a course equivalent? The courses I failed were pretty specific engineering ones. I also forgot to mention that I'm currrently running on full financial aid, so...</p>

<p>try to retake them in a state school, if they accept your transfer, otherwise just do it at-large.</p>

<p>its not end of the world, there were cases that ppl flunked out from Harvard in the last semester of the Sr. year. My cousin is doing very well graduated fron Stony Brook, after flunked out of MIT.</p>