So I just got my November scores back!

<p>What would be the best way for me to improve my scores for my last and final test (December). I'll admit, I haven't prepped nor studied for the SAT for more than 3 hours. What would you reccomend for someone like me to do in order to best improve their scores. Since I only care about getting admitted into UT Austin, I need a 2200 or above to get in. Right now my scores aren't cutting it. These are my previous scores:</p>

<p>June 2010 (1620)</p>


<p>November 2010 (1920)</p>

Writing :610</p>

<p>Most likely you won't need a 2200, first of all, to get admitted to UT Austin. If you have 2100 I reckon you'd get in, cuz I know of a person with a 2100 and he was considered a "lead applicant" with his 2100 and thus got admitted.</p>

<p>Sakata, my class rank blows. UT uses a formula that takes your class rank and yor SAT scores and comes up with a number that is your prediceted "freshmen GPA". Then they plot you on a graph compared to all the other applicants and the people with the strongest academic achievement index are admitted. So for peace of mind that I will be admitted, I need to get a 2200 or at the very least a 2100.</p>

<p>Ah...... NOW I see why you are aiming for 2200. Maths and Writing are relatively easier than Critical Reading to raise your scores, so that info is my two cents. Good luck.</p>