So I just heard some new CCM info

<p>Apparently there is an “Accepted CCM” Facebook page and once kids are accepted, they receive an invite to join. (I heard this from one of the kids who was accepted). As of this afternoon, there are 7 new members / kids who have been accepted: 5 boys and 2 girls. </p>

<p>Not looking good for boys, only 5 spots left. UGHGHGH</p>

<p>@MTMajorCook NOT True! Have faith! :slight_smile: I think your S will be just fine!! Really I do! There are at least 5 spots left - and don’t forget they accept more than they need. I’m not giving up hope for my D or your S yet!</p>

<p>So it seems like the “check my status” page is used mostly for rejections, and acceptances are done via e mail. Does that seem right to you all?</p>

<p>@abimoore9708 That’s what I thought until today. A girl who auditioned on 1/11 received a rejection via snail mail but her check my status page never changed. </p>

<p>Maybe they’re just playing with us, seeing how many times we’ll switch directions to chase our own tails. Our kids have worked really hard, we have controlled what we can, the rest is out of our hands. Ok, so the waiting is killing me. . . </p>

<p>BTW, University of Cincinnati is closed today, so no need to visit Check My Status. Ok, so maybe I already did. . .</p>

<p>@mom4bwayboy - The waiting is killing me too. :frowning: I saw it was closed …when I checked the status page :slight_smile: too… and my heart sank a little. </p>

<p>Maybe the updates will actually take place on Friday afternoon like Andrea said they are SUPPOSED to happen. We can second guess the intricacies of notification until we drive ourselves crazy. I think I’m going to shovel some snow, again.</p>

<p>Think that FB page is for MT only, any Theatre, VP or instrument majors in there?</p>

<p>I’m sitting with one of the boys who was accepted. He says the tally is at 8 boys and 2 girls accepted for MT so far. All the boys are strong dancers and the girls are strong vocally and both named Emily lol. Some of the kids heard on Wednesday and the others heard on Saturday. I know that knowing this doesn’t help any of us at all but wanted to share. </p>

<p>Thank you for sharing!</p>

<p>Remember that all those who are accepted don’t always choose CCM. They will accept more than they will end up getting. My daughter was accepted Dramatic Performance, not MT first via “check my status”. Letter followed the next week. It is not over til it’s over…here’s hoping for many more MT acceptances. Xoxo</p>

<p>Ugh yea but the don’t accept much over, they don’t have too. I think its a total of 20 or so to yield 18. So if its 8 boys already there are very few spots left.</p>

<p>Thank you for that reminder @puma69. My brain hurts from over-thinking all of this. I can’t stand the waiting. Honestly I can’t. And no matter how much someone says “They’ll end up where they’re supposed to” (myself included), it doesn’t make the waiting any easier.</p>

<p>This year’s freshman class had 23 (one girl left after 1st semester) 8 girls/15 boys, last year’s class had 18 - 9 girls/9 boys and the year before had 18 (now 16) - 8 girls/10 boys. </p>

<p>Does not sound good for the boys! (like my son!!) Fingers crossed! They have LA Unifieds this weekend, then they’re done, so we’ll see?</p>

<p>Don’t give up yet. They explicitly said in the information session that they tend to make 25 offers, because like previously stated, not everyone will accept. There is also the possibility of “On Hold” spots, in addition to the 25, that may end up getting offers. Whatever is meant to be will happen! Good luck to all.</p>

<p>DeTeRmIning I totally agree with you the waiting is brutal</p>

Auditioned at Chicago Unifieds. Keep checking my email and Check My Status. So nervous!!