So I just sent in my deposit ^_^

<p>Go blue! I'm officially goin to Michigan next year. Any tips on how to succeed at Michigan, random facts, ideas for stuff to do the first few weeks? Anything suggestions are appreciated, gracias :D</p>

<p>Congrats! I sent mine yesterday! :)

<p>buy lots of sweatshirts.</p>

<p>I'm still waiting for my decision!! :(</p>

<p><em>EXTREMELY jealous</em></p>

<p>Once you send it in, are you bound to the school, or is it just reserving a spot?</p>

<p>If you send in the deposit, you're expected to attend (and you should, since it isn't refundable).</p>

<p>Yeah, I know it's non-refundable, but that's not my main concern. My parents, for some reason, already payed the $200, but we're still visiting other schools in the upcoming weeks. I'll probably go to UMich, but I hate the idea of being bound like that.</p>

<p>u arent bound...</p>

<p>^^ ya.. if you get into your waitlisted school.. you can go there.. you just loose the umich 200 you sent..</p>

<p>btw... i thought it was 300..</p>

<p>One tip: be tenacious. U-M is pretty decentralized, and a lot of policies, rules, and procedures are less "set in stone" than you might assume. Residency designation is the exception. Anyway, it's important to know that being persistent is key to getting your way. If you don't find what you need asking one person, ask someone else. Try a different office. Try another day. Ask again. And of course, ALWAYS be nice. Since rules are somewhat flexible, staff have a choice about who they bend them for. It pays to be the kind of person someone would want to bend them for. </p>

<p>Another reasons tenacity is important is that, in my experience, people at Michigan are good at telling you what your problem is, but less likely to tell you how to solve it (or to help you solve it). So if you're not at the right office, you're more likely to hear "you need to go to Place X for that." and not at all likely to hear "Sit down, I'll make a phone call and we can do that right here." Don't let it get you down--it's just how this place is.</p>

<p>This sounds like kind of depressing advice, but it isn't meant to be, really. It's just that students who don't get discouraged by the first "no" and who don't give up when the red tape gets annoying are the ones who get what they want. I wish I had learned that lots earlier when I was a grad student here!!</p>

<p>Oh, and another one: The support staff in your department are very important. They may seem like "just secretaries" but they absolutely keep the place going. Treat them accordingly. That's true in any office on campus, but it is especially important in the department where you're going to be taking a lot of classes.</p>

<p>hoedown, thank you so much! that was very helpful! & I agree w/ you w/ my expereinces so far.</p>

<p>I'm going there too.....are you in the honors college</p>

<p>i really wish i could send in my deposit , but i need to get in first :(</p>

<p>aikomidori - Nope, regular OOS.</p>

<p>How far can you let your GPA drop?</p>

<p>"i really wish i could send in my deposit , but i need to get in first"</p>

<p>I'm with you on that!</p>

<p>Just sent in my deposit - I'm going to be a Michigan Wolverine next year!!!</p>

<p>Any chance I can get a dorm on Central Campus still or am I out of luck? It's not a big deal if I don't, since I live about 3-4 miles off-campus.</p>

<p>Isn't it equal consideration if you submit the housing app by the deadline? I could be wrong...</p>

<p>yeah, as long as your housing application is in by may 1 you will be in the first housing lottery.</p>