So, I know how Middlebury's "need-blind" and all..

<p>Let's say I was an applicant with a high GPA, a good SAT score, above-average extracurricular activities, and an interesting high school career--not an amazingly superhero-esque applicant, but an above-average applicant nevertheless.</p>

<p>I know that they're need-blind, but considering the current state of the economy, if they saw on my application that I came from an area known to be very wealthy, could that possibly give me an advantage in admissions? How much of an advantage? I know it's the wrong reason to have an advantage and I'm not condoning it, but I just wanted to know anyway.</p>

<p>Doubt it. That pretty much describes me, and I didn't get in, so at least I wouldn't bank on it</p>

<p>Absolutely no advantage, unless placed on the waitlist.</p>