So I messed up on my essay...will i get penalized too much?

<p>So I took up all 2 pages... completely</p>

<p>BUT... I think I went off topic</p>

<p>I changed outdoors to just spending time outside the office and such...+ enjoying nature and what it has to offer</p>

<p>and I titled a book wrong</p>

<p>Wrote the title of an overused book (so the reader will know it's wrong :/) and talked about another book... haha</p>

<p>first paragraph wasn't sort of what the prompt was asking for.. a little bit, weak but fits the thesis perfectly :) i manipulated the thesis to my liking haha</p>

<p>second paragraph fit the prompt perfectly.... </p>

<p>I'm scared because... I need at least a 10 to get that 800 :)</p>