So I was doing the USC hw...

<p>and i came across this dilemma. </p>

<p>To double major, the two majors must work towards the same degree--usually either a B.A. or a B.S.
But if i am in the business school, and i am working towards a B.B.A. (bachelors of business administration) then how do i major in something else because really no other majors work towards a B.B.A.?</p>

<p>theres a difference between dual degree and double majoring im pretty sure... what you referenced with "the two majors must work towards the same degree" is dual degree... Double majoring is where you have two completely different majors, for instance i'm double majoring in computer science and business administration, two very different majors... I may be wrong but i'm fairly confident about the difference.</p>

<p>A B.B.A. is actually a BS. You get a BS in Business Administration. So if you want to double major in something, you would have to find another BS (ie Randy1991 doing computer science). Really, the main difference between a BA and a BS is that a BS doesn't have a language requirement and a BA does. So if you're okay with doing the necessary courses for the language (complete up to a 3rd semester, can be passed out of) then there's really not much of a difference between a double major and a dual degree.</p>

<p>ah, thanks akalboy, that answered my question precisely and more.</p>