so if i get a C...

<p>So uh im not really doing too well in some of my classes...If i get a C in one of the i risk getting rescinded to UCSD, UCD, UCSB, UCI if i get accepted and decide to enroll?</p>

<p>Not unless you had straight Bs with no honors/AP classes otherwise. That would bring your senior year grade to <3.0, which is grounds for withdrawing offer of admission. That being said, just don't get into the habit of getting Cs, score an A in another class, and your admission will be safe.</p>

<p>You still have time to bring your grades up.</p>

<p>I'm only taking English 4ap and Econ/Government...our school has a new schedule....we do a year's worth of english in one semester...Right now i'm struggling in English...and i only have 3 weeks to pull it up before official grades...basically at the end of the semester we will have 2 english grades posted as well as an econ and gov since its an AP class does it make my situation a little better</p>

<p>official grades by mid-april? what kind of school is this?</p>

<p>but considering you're only in two classes ..... unless you have an impressive host of extracurriculars to explain your priorities, i'd say to hit the books, ask for extra tutoring, etc. a single C won't hurt anything as long as your application is strong.</p>

<p>@columbia_student: when did you graduate from ucsd? i don't know of too many alums out here in NY!</p>

<p>AP class makes it weighted, which is a lot better in your situation.</p>

<p>they changed it from last year...we did have 6 periods with 2 semesters giving out official grades...but now its 4 periods per semester and 2 official grades within that semester...Basically with the newer fit in 2 more classes if you need them.</p>

<p>Senior First Semester
1st Term
AP Chem A
AP Bio A
AP US History B
2nd Term
AP Chem B
AP Bio A
AP US History A</p>

<p>2nd Semester Senior
1st Term
AP English 4 Might be a C :( Its at a 76 right now
Amer Gov A
2nd Term
AP English 4 ?? Next "Term" it will probably be an A
Econ ?? Most Likely A</p>

<p>Also during 2nd semester, i am taking Calc 3 at a community college. I might get a C or B in this class its 50/50
My unweighted GPA would then be 3.5 without the Calc 3 grade and 3.4 or 3.2 with the Calc 3 grade depending on if i get a B or C
Also i haven't been doing many ECs during my 2nd semester senior year. I did a lot 1st semester however. All i really have is a job and boy scouts...prior to that i was involved a lot.
What do you think my situation is now? I know I'm destined to get at least one C.</p>

<p>That looks OK so long as you can keep an A to offset a C (although you will be given honors "extra point" for English)</p>