So I'm going to be applying for spring semester housing...

<p>If I sit there waiting until 11:59 AM, refreshing the page until it's available for me to apply, and I'm the first person to finish applying for housing, will it improve my chances of getting a Unit double?</p>

<p>Did you apply for fall housing? I just had mine transferred over for spring since I'll be @ the commons this semester.</p>

<p>i thought you were applying for APATH? Housing assignments are determined off a lottery system. Being first doesn't help</p>

<p>Wait, if I rejected my housing offer for Fall, can I reapply for the Spring?</p>

<p>Lunar, I had mine transferred over for spring housing.</p>

<p>Hmm, ok. I'll have to call in asking about that tomorrow. </p>

<p>They never told me anything about transferring over my offer. I remember explicitly declining the offer on the phone about a month ago.</p>