So I'm going to intentionally get 1's on my exam

<p>I will be blowing my AP US Government test. Does my teacher get a copy of my response to the FRQ? If my teacher can I want to be as rude as possible yet keep a moderate level of respect.</p>

<p>Uhhh... why?
As for your question, no. The teacher does see your score overall though.</p>

<p>NOOO. Don't do that lol. Just try your best. your teacher only receives your scores. And you cAN (though I doubt they would) get reported by college board for intentionally writing an off-topic essay</p>

<p>Nope... you don't even get a copy of them. Really hate your teacher? I hated my international politics teacher last year... biggest idiot ever... but I would never jeopardize my own success to spite him. Make good decisions, gloomysheep :) Write him a nasty note instead on the last day of school :)</p>

<p>What a waste of money...</p>

<p>By all means, you're just boosting my chances of getting a 5. Seriously, if you don't care, go ahead.</p>

<p>^ Yes, 'cause one person out of what, two hundred thousand will impact the curve?</p>

Nope... you don't even get a copy of them.

You could if you bought your booklets back (they're actually originals, not copies).</p>

<p>@OP: There's definitely no point in purposely writing nonsensical things. Unless, of course, you can't come up with absolutely anything relevant to write. One kid in AP Bio last year answered his FRQs by writing about how much he hated our teacher, how much he hated AP Bio, and how much he hated our guidance counselors because they made him take the AP exam. In his case, it didn't matter because he wouldn't have been able to answer the FRQs if he tried. If you can, however, then you definitely should.</p>

<p>OR , you could write it in the green booklet? the teachers do get those back, i think. But in any case, I think you should just try your best.</p>

<p>Just write something. If you've got a human brain, you know how to BS your way through it. And if you hate your teacher, write a paragraph about it and then CROSS IT OUT. They cannot grade anything that is crossed out, and you can bet that they'll read it if they have time. Every year students write random **** and then cross it out with a clean line, it's entertaining for the graders and a good way to make a FRQ more casual. Don't write any threats or anything though - that will definitely raise suspicions and, if you have a grader who's having a bad day, could get you reported.</p>

<p>Ace the test; get a 5. Write all the crap you want about your teacher in the green insert. He/She'll get that back for sure and it doesn't get scored.</p>

<p>This is ridiculous. You paid 75 dollars to take the exam, such a waste of money</p>

<p>your teacher will do nothing but laugh at your stupidity when they get your scores back, along with any message you left them in the green booklet. And this is a grown adult we're talking about, not some punk adolescent (like us lol) who cares what ppl think of them. You think you're sticking it to them by getting a 1 and writing stuff about them? The real joke is gonna be on you!</p>

<p>I have always lived by the following rule and have tried to impart it to my children:</p>

<p>If you really hate a teacher and/or the teacher hates you - the best revenge is to force that teacher to have to give you an A!</p>

<p>This worked for me in law school. My property law teacher hated me. Another professor told me that he was almost crying in the faculty lounge as he told him that he had no choice but to give me the highest grade in the class even though he really didn't want to...</p>