So is UCLA's school colors a dark blue and gold or is it the powder blue and gold?

<p>Okay, I guess according to UCLA's "official standards," the colors are True Blue and Gold, which is basically a darker blue. However, many UCLA clothing range from powder blue, to the navy dark blue, to a regular blue. What the heck is the real color? Shouldn't it be powder blue? I would assume so since the football team wears powder blue jerseys!</p>

<p>It's true blue, whatever that may be. (I don't even know what you mean by "powder blue.")</p>

<p>See this:</p>

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<p>The blue that "UCLA" first appears as--which is the same color as on the site--is the right blue.</p>

<p>Our official colors are "true blue," just a darker shade of "powder blue."
But seriously, we sort of have an identity crisis with all the shades of blue floating around.</p>

<p>I also think "Bearwear" should be changed to "Bruinwear."</p>

<p>"But seriously, we sort of have an identity crisis with all the shades of blue floating around."</p>

<p>Yeah that's what I thought. Some people would wear a light baby blue sweater and another person would wear a dark navy blue UCLA sweater. What the heck man! USC doesn't have like 5 different shades of cardinal/red.</p>

<p>@kyledavid80: That site was extraordinarily interesting! I spent like 10 minutes looking at the detail they put into the UCLA logo to make it POP!</p>

<p>Do you get the feeling someone has WAY too much time on their hands--24 pages! Seriously, I always thought that since UCLA was the "baby" (originally the "Southern" branch) school, that's how they arrived at the "baby" blue and the gold color for the football uniforms (as well as "bruins" as opposed to "bears").</p>

<p>wow @ that pdf... but it's cool!</p>

<p>we ARE trying to move to "true blue" as much as we can, bearwear aside. for instance, the marching band isn't gonna be all navy and gold anymore- we have true blue in part of the uniforms (but still navy pants). still, when we travel we won't be mistaken for the cal band :mad:</p>