so i've heard engineering curriculums are structured...

<p>Usually, does being an engineer major at a non-technical school allow schedule space for other majors?
What sorts of courses are required of an engineer major, and how difficult are they, on average?</p>

<p>On a more personal note, i'm interested in environmental engineering & environmental that even worth it cause there's so much overlap between the majors, I'm sure?
..and other random things I want to pursue are minors in business/art..of course i wont be able to do ALL of that unless the credit requirements are relatively low..
Which schools have that?</p>

<p>K, thanks for enduring those questions :)</p>

<p>i dont think there's that much of an overlap between environmental science and environmental engineering...they deal with different things</p>

<p>at most schools, it seems that you can squeeze in an unrelated minor with just a little do two, you'll need a lot of ap credit</p>

<p>go ahead and read over some catalogs...they can answer your questions better than we can</p>