So let's say I'm in AP chemistry...

<p>I already took the AP chem test (5, should be, unless I failed miserably), if I take the Clep test, will I get dual credit? Or Clep Algebra? (I'm taking Calcus next year).</p>

<p>Is it accepted at these universities:</p>


<p>Cornell University</p>

<p>University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.</p>

<p>If you receive a passing score on the AP, there's not point taking the CLEP except for those rare cases where a CLEP is accepted, but not AP. (Yes, I found one of those!)</p>

<p>You cannot receive credit for the same course twice. That being said, the AP US History exam is one where many schools will grant 3 credit hours for a score of 3 -- and 6 credits for a score of 4 or 5. If you score a 3, it might be worth researching which course number they grant credit for and seeing if the US History I or US History II CLEP can make up the other 3 credits. </p>

<p>NC State University is an example. My son scored a 3 on AP US History, so he'll receive credit for a US History II type of class. Because NCSU accepts CLEP, he could take the US History I CLEP for three more credits. I wish we had known this 4 years ago when he took the APUSH exam. He could've easily passed the US History I CLEP at that time.</p>

<p>The quickest survey of which CLEPs a school accepts is found on the Find A College SAT/AP/CLEP page at Be sure to check the school's website for footnotes, limitations, details. The school's website might also show the course number credited for passing scores. Knowing the equivalent course number is helpful if you want to determine which general education classes will be avoided with CLEP/AP and which you'll still have to take.</p>

<p>Generally, higher-tiered schools do not accept CLEP. </p>

<p>For schools that accept it, the CLEP for College Math, College Algebra and PreCalc should be taken before AP Calculus. Some schools require the math credits to be earned chronologically in order of difficulty. Because these tests all correspond to different course numbers, you would receive credit for all the exams ASSUMING the college accepts them. </p>

<p>You can find more info on the FAQ page of</p>

<p>Thank you. I was wondering about the CLEP program and how most people don't talk about it on CC.</p>

<p>The CLEP doesn't carry the prestige of AP and most students on this board are preparing for top tier schools. CLEP won't help them. But even some highly rated schools, like UNC Chapel Hill, accept a few CLEPs. </p>

<p>Given a choice on how to earn 3 college credits, I'd rather answer 100 multiple choice questions that are not designed to be tricky than to take an AP exam. If your college accepts either exam, choose CLEP.</p>

<p>The CLEP Spanish test is way easier than the Spanish AP test, so if you don't get the score you want on AP Spanish, consider taking the CLEP.</p>