So many CUNYs, are they different?

<p>I'm looking to take classes part time while I'm stationed (military) in the city and I think CUNY is my best bet. There are so many colleges in CUNY that it's confusing to try and decide. How do you pick one over the other one? Just go to each campus and get a vibe for them?</p>

<p>It depends what you want to study, if it's just general ed. classes then I would just go and get a feel for the school. However each school has it specialties for example:
Hunter- Nursing
City-Engineering/ Math/ Science
Baruch- Business
John J- Law</p>

<p>I chose my CUNY school based on the major I wanted to study.</p>

<p>Which one would be good for Political Science with a focus in International Relations? Hunter looks like the only one in my choice.</p>