so many exams! can anyone w/ experience please give me advice

<p>im taking APUSH, Calc BC and Physics B. Also, I have the sat 2 test for us history in may. </p>

<p>First off, how would you study for all these? Im just trying to do all three at once by spending a little time in each, but im getting stressed because of all the material to cover. I'm not so concerned in Calc and Physics, but in APUSH my school doesnt have AP, only honors, and i dont think my teacher really prepared me for the AP.</p>

<p>Second, is studying hard for the APUSH exam enough for the sat 2 history exam? (Im using the REA APUSH book.)</p>

<p>I really appreciate any advice.</p>

<p>studying hard for the ap us history test def prepares you for the sat 2..I did the same thing last year and it really did for how to study...last year i had 4 ap tests and i studied by making a schedule and getting review books. Every week I picked which day of the week would be devoted to which ap. Then I mapped out how far I would get in the review book and how much I wanted/needed to learn in that day. I left plenty of time in my schedule so that about 2-3 weeks before the test I was constantly taking practice tests for each ap and then going back and working on my weakness. This was the best way for me to approach it but it was very time consuming. I hope I was able to help you.</p>