So many questions

<p>I am from a far west suburb of Chicago. Anyone from the same area trying to get a nomination? Just got my latest ACT scores…English 31, Math 28, Science 34, Reading (don’t ask)…a 27, Composite is 31. Hope it’s high enough to be considered. Where else is everyone applying to…I’m Michigan, Illinois, Notre Dame, and Marquette. Only heard from Illinois so far (favorably). Not necessarily in that order. Did anyone else get a postcard saying they were missing things, but weren’t really missing things? My USAFA counselor “found” two things that were missing from my file the day I emailed her for help. Anyone heard word back from the AF ROTC scholarship decisions? They were getting together for the first time in my area, I heard, last Monday. Questions, questions, questions… Thanks</p>

<p>Your ACT sounds ok, but what's your GPA, Varsity sport, extra curricular, political action, etc.??? My brother went to USAFA for 2 years so I have a pretty good idea of who gets in. It's a total rat race to the end.</p>